Functions of a Speech Therapist and Pathologist in Curing People of Several Ailments

It is a pleasant feeling to hear a lisp of newborns or to listen to their stammering while they try speaking in their early phase of talking. But it could not be termed less than a curse to see the same kids facing irregular vocal disorder, in any form, at mature age. However, the signs of vocal ailments are always visible in childhood age but it is not possible for everyone to figure it out from the slightest clues during kid’s communication. A Speech therapist and pathologist is capable of diagnosing and treating these symptoms & ailments. Professional and timely treatment by a speech therapist and a pathologist is very essential in both the cases.

speech therapist

speech therapist

What are the Different Types of Communication Problems that can be faced by one?

Communicational ailments are not only concerned with the lisp and stammering. Any sort of communication problems which entails with lack of explanation of thought to others are known as vocal or speech disorders.

  • Speech therapists are entrusted with the ability and responsibility to treat such verbal ailments. Speech-language pathologist is the individual proficient in diagnosing such speech illness and can also treat their patients, if holds additional required qualification, need for treating.
  • Speech therapist and pathologist services are meant to diagnose and treat the variety of communication issues, such as cognitive communication, language, social communication and poor vocal volume like voice factors.

Difference between the Pathological and Psychological issues:

Speech disorders have a huge list of reasons, making this ailment to evolve in any person. Most of these are by birth, psychological and accidental. Whereas, psychological issues can be treated with scheduled counseling sessions, and it is a longer process than the earlier methods. Various age groups like infants, children and adults needs different approach regarding diagnosing and treatment of speech illness, as the nature of ailment associated with different age group is also different. To name a few, these could be enlisted under the head of each category, such as:

speech pathologist

speech pathologist

Children and infants:

  • Injuries caused due to complications during birth, dysphagia.
  • Genetic disorder
  • Hearing loss
  • Delayed development
  • Craniofacial anomalies, responsible for language or cognitive development and speech.
  • Austin spectrum associated with Asperger syndrome.
  • Developmental vocal dyspraxia.
  • Brain injury due to pediatric trauma.

Children and adult:

Pragmatics, Physical disabilities, Stroke and in cases of severe cerebral palsy.

  • Learning complications like, specific language impairment (SPI), dyslexia and auditory processing ailment etc.
  • Speech disorder like, cluttering, Head injury, Tracheotomies, Language delay, Puberphonia, Naming difficulties and Dysgraphia or Agraphia.


  • Dysphagia including server, mild and moderate eating as well as swallowing disorders or difficulties.
  • Language difficulties of various degrees like severe, mild and moderate due to dementia, Alzheimer, Parkinson, multiple sclerosis, stoke, mental fitness issue, Huntington’s disease etc.
  • Considering transgender vocal therapy.  

Why the function of Speech-language Pathologist is important?

Speech-language pathologists are the essential elements in any society as they use to treat with the most significant aspect concerned with health, i.e., communication. Speech therapists are highly qualified professionals having at least a master degree to represent themselves as an expert in the field of speech therapy. Speech-language pathologists (SPLs) or Speech therapist and pathologist can work with different institution like health centers, education centers and research facilities in a way to render speech therapy to the masses admitted in it.

Numerous of schools and colleges in various countries use to provide government subsidized facility or private facility to treat this speech disorder, because this unusual disorder curtails the talent of masses associated with any state. It is considered as the essential service to the citizens, among the other required social services, for the further advancement of mankind or any country.


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