The Latest Sensation in Home and Office Decor: Steel Balustrades

Be it any home or commercial space, balustrades and handrails constitute a very important part. Whether it is the stairs, the patio, the terrace, an open balcony, a bridge, or simply a garden sitting area, balustrades are not only elegant but they also perform job of a barrier or a low parapet. The main function of a balustrade is to prevent people from tripping along the edges and so it should be strong. Ever since humans began to build houses, balustrades came into existence. Nearly all advanced civilizations in the past used balustrades in their constructions. Even today, there is no denying of the usefulness of balustrades.

stainless steel balustrade

stainless steel balustrade

Balustrades can be of different styles, but they need to be sturdy. In earlier times, mostly the stones and wood were used in constructing balustrades but the high price and unavailability of skilled workmen proved to be hindrances in constructing balustrades with wood or stone. Additionally, stone or wood balustrades look heavy and only look good in large spaces. Lack of space in modern buildings led to the evolution of new styles in balustrades. Sleek contemporary design with steel and glass are more popular today than the wood or stones. The main advantage of stainless steel balustrades and handrails is that they are suitable for any residential or commercial use.

Various Usages of Stainless Steel Balustrades

  • Stainless steel balustrades and handrails are most popular today as they are light on the eyes and durable. They are ideal for your home staircase. It does not matter if you do not have much space, steel balustrades and handrails will look great. Steel looks light and it is easy on the eyes and it also makes any given space appear larger. The smooth metallic finish, easy maintenance and cost effectiveness make steel an ideal choice for home balustrades. If you have kids, then steel is even better. Steel is very sturdy and will prevent your kids from falling off the edges.
  • There are other areas in your homes where steel balustrades and handrails will be of great use. For instance, your balcony – another area where there is risk of people falling over. Steel balustrades will not only look classy in your balcony but they will also be very easy to clean and resistant to sun and rain.
  • Terrace is another important place where balustrades and handrails are must. Steel is the most favored material for exterior balustrades because it does not attract dirt, it is easy to clean and very strong.
  • Patios and open sitting areas need decking and balustrades come in handy here as well.
  • Stainless steel balustrades are very common in public buildings and commercial areas. Airports, shopping malls, train and metro stations, offices, libraries, hospitals, etc. name any place that has stairs and you will find steel balustrades and handrails.

Benefits of Stainless Steel Balustrades and Handrails

  • The smooth metallic finish of steel looks very classy. It does not look dull and it is not very loud either. This makes it an ideal choice for both commercial and residential use. Stainless steel balustrades impart an aura of elegance to any given space. The chic modern look associated with steel balustrades cannot be denied.
  • Stainless steel balustrades absolutely not only look stunning, but these are also very strong and sturdy.
  • Stainless steel balustrades and handrail with glass decorations look like a million bucks but actually they are very cost effective. They require minimum maintenance.
  • Stainless steel, as the name suggests, does not stain or rust and also does not attract dirt. Hence it is very easy to clean.

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