Choose durable and multi-functional use fire hoses for Domestic and Commercial purposes

A fire hose is a pipe that carries water from a fire pumper to the zone where fire has caused destruction to extinguish it. However, after using a fire hose, you should never forget to dry it. It should be hung instead of being rolled up for the extra water in it to drain off. Its use is best seen in large areas and apartments. A used fire hose should, however, is sent for regular checks and repairs. Its timely maintenance can help it retain strength and elongate its lifespan.

used fire hose

used fire hose

Choosing a Fire Hose

Since a fire hose is a device you might need at any point of time, purchasing one from the market should be considered to be necessary. Selecting one out of an assortment displayed before you can be difficult. The tips given below can help you select the best fire hose in town:

  • Bear in mind the size of your office, apartment or factory before buying off a hose. This will help you determine the actual length of a fire hose you require for the place you work or reside in.
  • Check for cracks and holes in the pipe being bought by you. Minute holes can always lead to water leakage from the tube, thus making it less useful as an instrument delivering water to fight fire.
  • Ensure buying the device from a reliable retailer. Avoid going to second-hand stores selling used fire hose with an intention to save money.

Features of a good Fire Hose

The importance to protect lives and significant materials calls for the need of installing a fire hose. A used fire hose is likely to do away with its characteristics after a particular point of time. While buying a new fire hose, you should bear in mind the necessity of the following features for it to last long:

  • A fire hose should have a durable rubber coating weaved with the layer or jacket of the pipe.
  • The jacket of the tube should be made of polyester to help it retain its strength while handling the pressure of delivering water.
  • The outer layer of a fire hose should always be soft. This will help it bend smooth when hung against a wall or rolled up in a hose reel.

Modern Construction of Fire Hose

Modern times have been able to bring about innovative ways of constructing fire hose. Instead of being made up of rubber like olden times, fire hoses are now made up of synthetic fabrics. Elastomers and synthetic are materials that allow hoses to be stored away wet without damaging their interior. In comparison to your old used fire hose, a modern tube is lighter in weight can be carried from one place to the other, to extinguish fire, without additional help.

fire hose

fire hose

Advantages of a Fire Hose

A fire hose tends to come along with numerous advantages. First, it is flexible and thus, can be rolled up on its reel quickly. Second, it is heat resistant and thus, can withstand the heat of the fire when extinguishing it. Last, unlike used fire hose modern fire hoses are abrasion resistant. This means they can be handled roughly without you being worried about scratches developing on its outer jacket.

A Rational Choice

Opting for a new fire hose will be absolutely beneficial for you. First, the supreme decision will lead you to have a more flexible tube that can be stored anywhere you place. In comparison to your used fire hose, the modern invention will be capable of producing faster relief from a sudden mishap.

Its availability will ultimately save you from wasting time in waiting for a firefighter, to come and save the most important documents in your life.


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