Quality Color Photocopiers to make Photocopies Easier

A photocopier has become a ubiquitous part of our day to day lives. We use photocopiers at our homes and offices on a daily basis. Whether it is to make a copy of circulars to be sent out to the staff, a copy of documents required to be filed by different departments or a copy of important documents stored for future reference or a photocopy of notes, books for students, photocopiers are present everywhere. There are many color photocopiers which are available online, and you can get these products for sufficient discounts. You can start an entirely new business after buying these photocopiers, and you can also get some photocopiers for a certain reduced price. Apart from the difference in colors, difference also lies in the cost. Quality color photocopiers cost a lot more than monochrome photocopiers.

Quality Color Photocopiers

Quality Color Photocopiers

Almost all major companies – Lexmark, HP, Dell, Xerox, Canon, Sharp, Konica, Kyocera etc make quality color photocopiers.

Things to Consider Before buying a Color Photocopier:

  • The number of papers that a photocopier can hold. This is important because you don’t want to be inserting blank sheets repeatedly when you are trying to make color photocopies of important presentation that starts in ten minutes. This is also worth considering if you have a single photocopier to be shared amongst coworkers and have a high number of pages to be copied and printed.
  • The number of pages it can copy and print per minute. Again, the more the number, the faster it is and better.
  • Duty cycle or the recommended maximum number of sheets that can be copied and printed per month. Again, the more the better.

Updated Features of Photocopiers:

  • Many photocopiers also allow the option of copying and printing on both sides automatically.
  • Power consumption, in this case, the lesser the better!
  • Compare the resolutions and image quality before buying. This ensures crisp and color images.
  • And lest we forget, the cost of the cartridge. Many photocopiers will initially cost less but their high cartridge costs can burn a hole through your pocket. Here, it is not only the duty cycle that matters but also the cost of refilled or new cartridge.
  • Many modern machines come with print, scan and color functionalities all combined in a single machine. These are a good option if you are looking for price optimization; however, you need to be sure that they can handle the required volume in office settings.
Colour Photocopiers

Colour Photocopiers

High end Printers which can be used for official Purposes:

High end printers scan a page and store it in its memory so that any number of prints can be taken. Contrast this with earlier models where if you have to make ten photocopies, the page will have to be scanned ten times. This is a worthy investment and you can get the highest returns when you sell this photocopier.

  • With photocopiers intended for official usage, additional feature such as user authentication with pass code can also be implemented in some machines. This is necessary because security is vital in any business.
  • The warranty clauses and repair and maintenance services offered by the company are also important considerations. After sales services is important. People tend to spend a fortune on top end machines, but then you must also consult with the professionals to get to the annual maintenance costs.

That said, a little bit of thought and hard work can go a long way in making sure your quality color photocopier serves its purpose. A small investment, though the cost of color cartridges and power consumption can add up over the years not to mention the repair costs that escalate as the machine gets older.


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