How to avail Professional Quality Portrait Photography Using Some Simple Steps

Among so many forms of photography, portraiture is a perfect section for the enthusiastic amateur. Whether you are planning to take help of digital compact, manual SLR or a DSLR for capturing the perfect picture, you need to know the steps; otherwise, the picture will not match your requirements. Simplicity forms an integral part of such quality portrait photography service. Always remember that background clutter is enough to interfere with a proficient portrait. Therefore, it is always advisable to use natural light for clicking some of the best pictures. If you need to avail help from artificial lighting, you are supposed to use it on a minimal count.

portrait photography

portrait photography

Proficient preparation is required

Keeping your subject waiting before clicking picture is not a task of professional. Therefore, you should not keep them waiting. Before going for an appointment, you should locate the venue first. If you are the photographer, then you must be conversant with the camera angle, the lighting sensation and the angle at which the facial or the bodily gesture of the subject moves. You must notice the intricate details like even a small frown on the forehead, if you want to conduct good quality portrait photography sessions. Even before the subject arrives, you should take some tests shots to know the camera is working fine and the light is working in your direction.

 professional portrait photography

professional portrait photography

Working on the composition

Once you are done with the simple background and preparation services, next is the composition category. It is always important to master the rules before you even plan to use them in your favor.

  • Among so many rules available, one of the most primary rules governing the composition is the “rule of thirds.” This rule primarily deals with the focal points, which are to be placed in a photograph.
  • In case of portrait photography, the main area of interest lies with the eyes. Keeping eyes in the center will help you to imagine drawing a grid just across the photo. Here, you have to use two horizontal and vertical lines across the image, dividing the entire section into nine lines.
  • The four corners, of the major center square, help in making the better locations for points, which deals with the square.
  • After experimenting with the shots, it is important to keep the subject in the dead center and on one edge.

Making the eye contact

Always remember, that the direction of the eyes of subject has enormous impact in clicking the best photograph. If the subject returns the gaze of the photographer, it provides a great sense of connection for those people, likely to view the image later.

  • If the subject focuses on something different, it provides a sense of mystery.
  • It helps in increasing the intriguing feel for the viewers, which might later amuse or surprise them.
  • Another alternative shot is to make your subject look at something else, within the shot. It helps in setting up a relationship with the image and provides the second point of interest.

Other points to integrate

Apart from the points mentioned in Quality portrait photography, there are some other points, which need to be integrated. Perspective forms an integral part of it. Playing with the angle, helps in offering a different perspective metaphorically and literally. Lighting plays another pivotal role, while taking some great portrait photos.

You can always experiment with light, if you are on safe hands. If not, then stick to the standard norms and avoid any further experiments. If you are the customer, then it is always better to contact with the professional portrait photographers who are experienced. They can charge you a little more than the amateurs, but their work will shine like diamond for all the future years.


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