How to Choose the Best Concrete Core Drilling Contractors?

Core drilling is a very common and popular technique, used for making precise round holes or penetrations in the walls or grounds, for almost many years now. Such drilling is very often required for plumbing, sewer drains, cables, construction works, fencing and electrical installations. With the advent of new technology and innovative solutions in core drilling industry, creating circular cuts is now a very simple and safe process. There are various types of core drills available from small to powerful hydraulic ones, capable of making deep and big diameter holes from as small as half an inch to up to 60 inches in diameters and many meters deep.

Core Drilling Contractors

Core Drilling Contractors

Need for best Drilling Contractors

Core drilling is a very technical process and requires services of experts in this domain. Creating these cuts in huge walls may result in accumulation of debris and creation of vibration, hence using services of the best concrete core drilling contractors is a best alternative. So how does one decide which is the best contractor in concrete core drilling? Here is a checklist basis which one can compare with the services of various contractors and make a sound choice.

  1. Technology– It is very crucial to find out which type of technology is offered by the contractor. The diamond drilling is perhaps the widely used technique, which does not cut the surface but grinds it down, hence leading to less vibration, dust and no damage or breakage of the surrounding area. It is best suited to any kind of work environment like a confined space or underwater, the drill is light weighted and by far can be used to drill hole in any material easily and effectively. The equipment may vary as per type of drilling work; however, it should be the state of art and cutting edge technology.
  2. Safety– Safety is a very important element in drilling work. There are a whole range of services offered by the professional concrete core drilling contractors who aim at providing the best quality in the safest and secured manner. It is important that you verify their tall claims by making an extra effort in checking the testimonials for projects undertaken by them. You can also ensure that their fleet of workers has a blue print of the Safety Plan, Safe Work Procedure and Emergency contact number handy with them. The engineers should be well trained in handling the drilling equipment and observe high standards in averting accidents, hazards and workplace injuries. They must ensure to work in collaboration with the client’s Safety and Health policies to minimize any risk.

    Core Drilling

    Core Drilling

  3. Environment– A fully responsible concrete core drilling contractor understands how to work in harmony with the surrounding area and does least or no damage to the nearby environment during the course of drilling. They comply with the latest environmental legislation and practices and work in collaboration with client’s environment polices too. It is very crucial to check that none of their procedures are detrimental to the surroundings and best practices are followed to achieve ecological balance.
  4. Pre start check and Maintenance of Equipment – Drilling is a work of great precision and hence utmost care must be taken before beginning to drill by performing a detailed pre check of the equipment by experienced drillers. If drilling is performed at an angle, a lot of attention must be paid so that there is minimal damage in the work area on pre-laid wires if any and the driller to be used is of latest model and timely maintained.

By following these simple and effective checks, you can ensure that core drilling is performed in the hands of the most competent staff without compromising on quality, safety and causing any threat to surrounding environment.


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