Which are the things included in a Bathroom Renovation Service?

Bathrooms form an integral part of a household. In fact, modern designs treat bathrooms as a living space than just a room meant for the dirty tasks. Over time, bathrooms can lose their sheen due to constant use; or they could simply become less functional, or out of fashion. That is when you need the help of bathroom renovation services.

Complete Bathroom Renovation

There are a whole lot of renovation services on offer. If you have a good budget, you could go for complete bathroom remodeling. If you are low on cash though, you could opt for selective renovation. Good bathroom renovations services will have the following remodeling options to choose from:

Some Basic Types of Bathroom Renovation

#1. Countertop Renovation:

  • You could change the style of the countertop, or go for the same countertop in a different material. Countertop materials are available in various options such as solid surface, granite and quartz.
  • Solid surfaces and granites have good scratch and stain resistance, and usually have a warranty of 10 years; whereas quartz countertops have excellent scratch and stain resistance and have lifetime warranty. Hence, quartz countertops are costlier and durable as compared to solid surface or granite.
  • Depending on your budget, select the material as per your need.

#2. Remodeling of Bathroom Floors:

Bathroom flooring is important in any house. The different options available in flooring are tile, laminate, resilient, luxury vinyl, and carpet. Further, these different types of flooring are available in different shades and color. Usually, tiles are preferred in bathrooms as they can absorb the water and can be cleaned easily. Tiles are also affordable as compared to marble or other option.

#3. Tubs and Showers Renovation:

Replacing your tub can be expensive. However, a good bathroom renovation service will be able to cut costs. For example, you could get your old tub relined to save costs. Or you could buy used tubs online. Many times, people who are moving to a different city are willing to offer their goods at attractive prices.

#4. Accessories Renovation:

If you don’t have money for full-fledged bathroom renovation, replacing your accessories can lend your bathroom a new look. Replacing your faucets, sinks, or towel racks isn’t going to cost you much. But replacing such small details can have a transformative effect on your space.

Bathroom Renovations

#5. Cabinets Remodeling:

  • You don’t need a lot of storage space in your bathroom, but you do need some. If you don’t have cabinets in your bathroom already, you could hire bathroom renovation services to install some.
  • For bathrooms, glass door cabinets are preferred to make it easier to find things. However, you should avoid wooden door cabinets at all costs.
  • Wood can swell in high-moisture areas. You certainly don’t want that to happen to your cabinets.

How to Hire Professional Bathroom Renovation Services?

There are a lot of companies offering bathroom renovation services out there. How do you select the best one? Here are some handy tips to do that.

  1. Hire Someone Experienced:
    Make sure you hire an experienced company for complete bathroom renovations. Experienced companies have good workers on their roll, which translates to better looking spaces.
  2. Take a look at their Portfolio:
    Before you hire a bathroom remodeling service, take a look at their portfolio. See if the kind of work they do is in tune with what you are looking for. For example, if you want a minimalistic space, you certainly don’t want to hire company that specializes in classic or rustic decor.

Before you hire a service, make sure you negotiate on the price. Most firms are willing to budge.


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