7 Points to consider the perfect Actor and Model Headshots

A headshot is a specific photograph (portrait) that can demonstrate the person’s appearance in a realistic manner for casting or branding. Headshots can be a portrait of a full body or a face and many of these are promotional pictures of authors, models or actors. The background should be able to illustrate the personality of the person who is photographed. These actor and model headshots are to be taken in sessions, conducted by reputed portfolio experts and fashion photographers, who can create a big name for the star or the would-be actor or actress entering the tinsel town.

Actors Headshots

Actors Headshots

What are the Points to Remember, while Opting for Actor and Model Headshots?

  1. Go Pro
    You might have to spend a little extra cash on getting a professional to do your headshot but this is totally worth it in the long run as you can consider this as your ‘calling card’. Look out for a professional who understands lighting and is well trained specifically in headshots. It is a mistake if you opt for a friend who seems to have a decent camera ad does this as a hobby. The right flash and angle are the best techniques which can be implemented to get the best actor and model headshots.
  1. Choose Personality over Glamour
    You need to make sure that the head shot looks the real you. Directors expect you to look similar to your head shot and not 10 years older. This can create a setback to your career. Headshots are not portraits to make you look pretty; they should include the wrinkles and any other details.
  1. Concentrate on the Eyes
    These reflect you keeping your eyes in focus. You can say it is a close-up reflecting what is happening behind those deep eyes. Your eyes need to be focused on with energy flowing through them, not a glazed and lost look. Strong piercing eyes or even a slight squint can get the head shot alive. A photographer for actor and model headshots generally has his own way of creating customized portfolios, with the best professional pictures. Their fees vary accordingly.
  1. Lighting, Background and Framing
    A good head shot will have the lighting on your face without any shadows which seem dramatic. You need to look directly into the camera with the focus being in the centre of your eyes and not on your shirt collar or your right ear. You need to make sure this shot is taken with a camera of high quality with a field of high-depth which can make you stand out.
Models Headshots

Models Headshots

  1. Natural light v/s studio
    Both the shots can be apt if you make the right choice of the photographer. This totally depends on what you are looking for and your preference.
  1. Props and Clothing
    The secret here is being classy and simple and not look desperate with uncalled for props which might work in the negative for you. You can look for a solid colored shirt which goes well with your eyes and let the head shot speak for itself. The touch-up tones and the head protrusions need to be maintained when the photographer works on the entire body or face.
  1. Make up to the minimum
    Go for the natural look as too much of makeup tends to mess up the photo shoot and you look over the top. Minimum make up only covering up the areas which you feel are not apt, can do wonders. This will avoid you looking a fake.

While choosing a photographer for actor and model headshots, you need to be sure you are able to vibe well with the photographer and there is a comfort level. This is important when you wish to be photographed, be it headshots or a total portfolio.


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