Get the all new commercial Suspended Ceiling Solutions for your Business

The central part of any interior is it’s ceiling. The right kind of ceiling décor can highlight the overall décor, or a bland ceiling can ruin even the most expensive décor. Ceilings can be done up in several ways and with the help of different materials. Many schools, colleges and hospitals are now using commercial suspended ceilings to decorate their commercial spheres. These ceilings are not just easy to install and maintain, but they also give a new look to the office interior.

Commercial Suspended Ceiling

Commercial Suspended Ceiling

Importance of the Suspended Ceiling

A high quality suspended ceiling will be able to handle an increased ceiling load, other than providing sound barrier and also concealing the wires and the pipe ducts which can be concealed easily by the suspended ceiling.

  • The basic structure of a consists of a grid that is made out of a durable metal, in most cases aluminum and is capable of supporting panels of various sizes.
  • The suspension traps and blocks sound and they are better sound proof options than other systems as they can be easily dismantled.
  • They are ideal for installation in areas that have bathrooms or any water prone area above the ceiling and will make the difference between expensive repairs and easy maintenance.
  • The simplicity of installation and uninstallation with screws is what is making this type of ceiling more popular for modern interiors.

The Material Used

To begin with, any commercial suspended ceiling company will be able to offer a wide variety of materials that they use for the suspension and the surface depending on the utility.

  • Aluminum is a favorite material, as it provides smooth surface that can also be molded into shapes like the convex or the concave according to the design style.
  • The plates and the grid systems, as well as the mineral fiber panels must be checked, as these commercial suspended ceiling made of toxic materials should not be used for hospitals and nursing homes.
Office Ceiling

Office Ceiling

A Popular Choice

Mineral fiberglass happens to be another variant that is being increasingly used as suspended ceiling material in the commercial sector.

  • The fiberglass used is fire rated and also easily molded into varying shapes and comfortable sizes to fit the grid.
  • There is a broad range of texture that you can choose from in this case as also the colors. It is a good option when you want to reflect a warm and inviting interior to your interiors.
  • The mineral fiber is also a favorite choice when it comes to making the panels soundproof that can combine both the sound absorption as well as the sound blocking modes. Most of them are fire-retardant and non-corrosive.

For Versatile Use

One of the advantages of the fiberglass commercial suspended ceiling is that it can be used for all budget interior work. The material is available both in the plain variant as pure fiberglass, or the reinforced mineral fiberglass that tends to be more expensive. While absorbing sound, they reflect light and are good for all size interiors. Their light weight is another advantage that helps in securing the system onto the grid. Both installation and uninstallation too is easy, and the material is also eco-friendly.

The Bio Acoustic Range

The BioAcoustics ceilings that make use of the suspended panels that are colors in clusters are one of the most popular modern soundproof compatible ceilings. They comprise of fiberglass, wood or jute-fiber material that is capable of both blocking sound, as well as absorbing sound. The Bio-acoustic features also do not give way for any smoke exhaustion, and good quality commercial suspended ceilings can actually be insulated with a scientifically-advanced design and lay-out.

These are some useful information about suspended ceiling. If you want to know more then visit this link, you’ll get more details.


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