Make the right Choice in the Manufacturer of a Fire Hose

There has been a vast change in the fire hose in recent times and so there are many rules related to this, like the size of the tip in relation to the diameter of the hose, maximum capabilities of the flow and loss of fire friction have also changed. Now it is possible to get ‘big water’ through one-half, two and two and one and three-quarter hose. You should also be aware that all fire hose is not made equally. You need to compare the different hoses thoroughly before you make a decision with regard to the system of water delivery and needs of fire flow. Hose and nozzles need to be considered as a package and they must be carefully evaluated in order to achieve the best of results.

Fire Hose Manufacturers

Fire Hose Manufacturers

The manufacturer of the Fire Hose

There has been an increase in fire loads compared to the 1950’s. This requires a nozzle which is able to provide a large volume of water at low pressures. As you find the fire service moving in this direction there is no way the hose can be the weak link. Thus, it becomes important to look for the quality of flow rate besides the diameter on the inside of the hose, friction kink and loss resistances as these are different with different manufacturers.

Different Fire Hose

Look for manufacturers and suppliers of fire hose who can offer you a wide range of these so that you are able to make the right choice. If confused, you can ask for assistance from the manufacturer as they have the required knowledge and information in order o help you with your purchase.

  1. You will find that some of the fire hose of two, two and one and a half inch and one and three quarter is more prone to kinks which are at the lower pressures of the nozzle or a fog nozzle of the low pressure which can lead them to snap in a violent manner when there is whipping of the stream in an aggressive manner. This is no fault of the nozzle but it depends on the design and the way the hose has been manufactured.
  2. Additionally, different manufacturers manufacture hose of a different loss of friction. There are hoses which can allow 265 gallons in a minute of one and three-quarter hose with a bore tip of one and one-eighth inch smooth with the friction loss of 48 pounds in hundred feet. You can also find hoses had 130 pounds of loss of friction in the same hundred feet.
Fire Hose Suppliers

Fire Hose Suppliers

Choice of the Fire hose

Before making a choice of a fire hose you need to consider

  • Liner or inner tube
  • Friction Loss of the Fire Hose
  • Kink Resistance
  • The material of the outer jacket keeping the durability in focus
  • Burst Pressure
  • Testing the hose before purchasing

Choosing a Manufacturer

Look for reputation and experience and also consider how long that specific manufacturer has been in this line. You should make sure you are able to get what is promised. You can compare the prices of more than one manufacturer before opting for one. You can also ask around and find out references to ensure you are in the right direction. Make about your requirement before you settle for a specific kind. There are wide ranges of fire hoses available and choosing the right one might get easier if you are able to take some guidance from anyone who has bought one before. There is no question of any compromise of the quality due to the price factor. Take your time and compare the products of the different manufacturers before you opt for one.


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