Give a Durable Extension to your Home with Steel Verandahs Design

Verandahs are a very common part of any house and apartment. This place is an outer portion of your house, where you can spend some time and get fresh air. But the security of your home can be disturbed of your verandahs because unwanted people can enter through your balcony easily, and you need to cover this portion with strong materials. Steel verandahs are the most significant option for you because you can install these structures easily, and the security of this strongest steel is also very effective. Apart form that, stylish modern looks and easy maintenance facility of these steel verandahs are also very attractive.

Steel Verandahs Design

Steel Verandahs Design

Why do you need to Decorate your Verandahs?

Verandahs are in fact very useful as they provide safety to your home and also add monetary value when you plan to sell off your house. They can be built in many designs using variety of materials either in a traditional style or with a modern look. It enhances the visual appeal of your house and makes a distinct style statement if it is further enhanced with railings, fretwork and balustrades.

Out of the many materials used in roofing like tiles, glass, polycarbonate, zincalume and insulated roofing, the most durable is the use of steel. Steel verandahs design is very much in demand because of number of advantages it offers to buyers.

Why you should choose Steel Verandahs Design as an alternate to other building material like timber:

  • Steel has a long life and require minimal maintenance. It can be streamlined to any design whether you need a traditional or contemporary look. It can be easily built into an attached or a free-standing verandah with smooth finishes and high gloss.
  • The best steel brands are fully certified as per building standards and carry 20-year corrosion and structural warranty. The steel roof sheets are manufactured and cut into desired lengths and sizes using high end machines to give a seamless finishing with no visible joints.
  • The pre painted steel is perennially used in roofing and if combined with UV protected sheet, it allows a lot of natural light while maintaining a cool environment.
  • It very well gets accommodated in your budget, gets installed easily and is structurally very strong to withstand strong winds and harsh summers and snowfalls.
Verandahs Design

Verandahs Design

Various types of Verandahs available in the Market:

There are a number of designs available for verandahs in the market today and it is very confusing to decide which one is the most ideal for you. Below are the popular types of steel verandah designs commonly preferred by people:

  • Flat Verandahs-They are simply the best and classic designs in verandahs and can be a free standing structure or combined to your home. You can add a number of options to your flat verandah like gutter profiles, partial or full polycarbonate sheets and roof pitches of up to 1 degree.
  • Pitched Verandahs– It can be easily attached to your flat verandah to a give a unique style statement. It offers more open and spacious space outside your home and is available in hip or gable styles.
  • Curved Verandah– A perfectly curved verandah with clean lines and seamless construction adds an aesthetic appeal to your home and is very much in your budget.
  • Designer Verandah– Any of the designs of your choice can be mixed and matched to give a customized verandah like a flat roof combined to pitched gable to give look and feel as per your taste.

In order to choose the best steel verandahs design, you can get in touch with renowned builders in your city by submitting an online query. Their designs consultants are available for your help and will provide a quote as per your requirements.


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