Multifunction Printers for multiple Domestic and Commercial Uses

In an age of multifunction, you surely will want all your gadgets capable of multitasking too. Like your smartphone, your printer too has to be smart enough to keep up with the pace of your hectic schedule. Rather than being a mere printer, what you need is a multifunction companion that will carry out your commands at the touch of a button. When it comes to ease of connectivity, maintenance options, productivity on a large scale and flexible usability, then you can buy multifunction printers for both your domestic and commercial use.

Multifunction Printers

Multifunction Printers

The Functionalities of inkjet MFPs

The MFPs or the Multifunction printers nicknamed as an all-in-one or the AIOs have multiple functions, and it was concluded after thorough market research, that these printers could enhance the overall productivity of a company.

  • The MFPs that are made for domestic use are almost all inkjet printers that give better quality photos than the laser printers.
  • These domestic variants have more photo-friendly features as both children as well as adults can meet their photo printing needs for the family or educational purposes.
  • There are facilities like the LCD that provides the preview before printing so that you can crop and adjust.
  • There are also inbuilt ports so that you can print photos from the USB, drives, cameras and memory cards.

The Photo-Lab Facility

Some of the home photo labs in the MFPs can also print slides and strips of films from multiple sources.

  • Some also have the facility of burning DVDs and creating images using special software. These can then be directly printed for great outputs.
  • Apart from this, the inkjet variant of the MFPs also has a large paper capacity, fax options, and the automatic document feeder.
  • Of late a range of color MFPs also work at a speed that is faster than the laser MFPs and also provide high-quality output.

The Laser Jet Technology for Easy and Clear Printing

Though the inkjet is a favorite for the photo and the color printing needs, the large laser printers that have versatile functions cannot be ignored.

  • Apart from the well-known functions of scanning and printing by the laser jet Multifunction printers, they can also scan both sides of the double-sided documents.
  • The functions are controlled through a touchscreen, and the operations can be secured with the help of password.
  • These AIOs are enabled with the Ethernet and or the Wi-Fi that enables a wireless printing job within the premises.
Photocopier Lease

Photocopier Lease

Shared Utility Facilities

If you want to set up your office fitout in a new manner, or if you want to utilize the company brand and productivity, then you can easily install the multifunction printers, for bulk orders, so that it can enhance greater profitability.

  • There is less wire connection needed that will ensure that as and when required the machine can be transferred to any part of the office, and sending fax and mails becomes easier for everyone.
  • Document output offsetting, sorting them and collating them are some other standard features of the MFPs.

The Production House MPFs

There are several security features that are common to the office printers where you can have your documents stored with the help of the network that can use authentication among the known users. Some other advanced features in certain models can be the making of the holes, stapling, duplex creating and also booklet creation. The more uncommon range is, of course, the production printing MPFs that are used for the printing industry. When you use the multifunction printers, you must not worry about the price as the quality matters, and you can get the Wi-Fi and the Ethernet facility, along with easy part replacements and cartridge refilling, when it comes to the overall features of the printer.


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