How to opt for Elevator Maintenance and Servicing

Be it for commercial purposes or residential purposes, elevators are used almost everywhere and the servicing and maintenance of these is important for the safety and convenience of the people who depend on this day in and day out. The maintenance company you opt for can make a whole lot of difference to this. You can think of opting for the installation companies, manufacturers or even independent servicing. This depends on what you are looking for.

Home Elavator

Home Elavator

Manufacturer chosen for the Maintenance and Servicing

These days most of the elevators run on soft-ware which is computer based. This requires tools which are special for the maintenance and which can be provided only by the company which installs the elevators or the manufacturers. If your building or your home has equipment which is proprietary, you are left with options which are limited for the servicing. Probably, you will be required to pay a premium for the maintenance of your elevator. The advantage of opting for the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is that the spare parts can be provided without any wastage of time and the downtime required for the repairs can be reduced to a large extent. Choosing the OEM, you deal with the manufacturer who has designed the equipment and has a thorough knowledge of the operating system. The maintenance by a manufacturer works out ideal as they are free of any risk. All that is required is a payment of the premium.

Other Companies Chosen for the Maintenance

You do find other elevator companies taking up contracts for the maintenance of elevators which are not manufactured by them. These contracts are comparable to the original OEM contracts of the equipment in the building or your home. These can work out beneficial because then you will get a good service in less money. You can also avail of discounts which these companies offer for the maintenance of elevators in more than one building.

Elevator Servicing by Independents

Independent elevator servicing companies can be found in most localities. These companies tend to charge much less for the maintenance programs. Before you opt for an independent it is advisable to do a thorough research on the reputation and experience before you sign the contract. You also need to check out the expertise of the independent in handling the equipment of the elevator and whether the spare parts are readily available.

Elevator Service

Elevator Service

Report and Survey Contract

A report and survey contract includes an inspection on an annual, quarterly or semi-annual basis for all the components of the equipment which is considered as major. This inspection does not in any way include the maintenance, dismantling of equipment or repair work that requires elevator mechanics. Replacement or maintenance is completed either by the contractors who are selected or by the manufacturers.

Keeping the Elevators in a good working Condition

To avoid any hassles in the running of the elevator and to avoid issues concerning safety you need to be able to inspect your elevators on a regular basis. This can give you a fair idea of the current position of the elevator. It is better to opt for preventing any disruptions in the running of your elevator rather than waiting till this stops working altogether. In other words, keep up to a regular schedule in the maintenance and servicing of your elevators. Spending a little on the maintenance can save a lot which will be required for repairs in case of a major break-down. Besides this, on time servicing can increase the life span of the equipment.

Regular maintenance needs to be a top priority as this can help you in keeping the people who are using the elevator safe. It is advisable to get professionals if you find that your elevator is not up to the mark and needs some servicing.


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