Secure your Home by fixing Roller Shutter Installation and Repairing

A roller shutter is a type of door or window shutter which comprises of many horizontal bars hinged together. To open the shutter, the door is raised and to close it is lowered. In case of large doors, the action may be motorized. These doors are typically used in front of windows to protect the house from wind or rain and also act as a safety door so as to protect from any damage and burglary attempts. There are cases where the roller shutters get damaged due to harsh weather conditions like storm, rain and frost, and you can hire the professionals to repair and install the shutters to keep them long-lasting and durable. Wooden shutters need to be repaired more than the steel or aluminum shutters, as the wooden ones are not as strong as the aluminum or steel shutters.

Shutter Install

Shutter Install

Types of Roller Shutters that need to be Repaired:

There are different types of roller shutters which are fixed to the exterior of any building and shutter boxes are also there which are built into lintel above the window. Shutter repairing professionals repair the roller doors which have gear drive which are operated manually. You can also contact them for doors which are installed to a tubular motor that can be operated automatically. There are also features of fire alarm built in some shutters. If they get dislocated, then also you need a shutter repairing service.

Components of the Door are as Follows:

  1. Laths – These are generally made from steel or aluminum and can be single or multi wall.
  2. Roller Tube – They are made of either steel or aluminum and are supported at either end by an end plate.
  3. Shutter Box – They are designed to protect the roller assembly
  4. Shutter spring– They are made from spring wire
  5. Guide rail – These are used to retain the shutter curtain.
  6. Bottom Lath
  7. Lock – It is important to secure shutter in place.

There are expert services available which can help in roller shutters installation and repairing, but can be done by individuals as well by simply following the instruction manual which comes along with all the necessary components of the door. Installing a roller shutter requires basic set of tools such as; measuring tape, pencil for marking, masonry drill bit, spirit level, hacksaw, side cutting pliers, screws, power point and a drilling machine.

Roller Shutter Repair

Roller Shutter Repair

Some common steps to be followed for Installation are-

  1. Measurements of the head box should be accurate to ensure correct fit.
  2. Perimeter measurements of the shutter wall to should be clearly marked if it is face fitted.
  3. In case packing angles are being used, then these should be secured to the building first so that the shutter can be fixed on to them easily and if angles are not there then they have to be fastened to the wall.
  4. Fastening holes that are drilled are either on face or reveal section. Ensure that solid points on the building are chosen to fasten the roller door.

These doors sometimes require repair work due to constant usage. Over the time, they can become dirty or difficult to operate.

Repair Services Typically Include:

  1. Broken straps
  2. Jamming shutters
  3. Burnt out motors
  4. Broken slats
  5. Replacement of bearings
  6. Sometimes the roller requires cleaning so as to ensure smooth functioning.

Therefore, to ensure that the risk of breakdowns is minimized, regular servicing of the rollers is essential. It becomes necessary that they are kept in working order so as to ensure safety of the premises and at the same time they are clean and tidy. It is a legal requirement in many countries to get them serviced in every 12 months.

Do you like to know more about roller shutter? Let’s go to the details to get few more information about it.


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