Stylist Bathroom Renovations: How can you save Space?

In case you have a small bathroom and take up renovation, then you might be wondering how you can make the use of small space available in the best way. Small bathrooms can be tough to design, particularly at the time there is barely sufficient rooms for the necessary things like sink, shower and toilet. With some thought and planning, you can make your bathroom seem bigger when using the restricted space for storage or renovation efficiently. You can have a look at the following ideas in order to create space where there was limited in the past:

Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom Renovations

Shelves Create Space Always

When budget is your main concern, shelves are known to be a great way to create more space without even making a hole in your pocket. By installing shelves, you can maintain the overall décor of bathroom and add up extra space for décor, bathroom necessities and towel storage. Shelves are available in all sizes and shapes in the market, so feel free to fill up the corners and any available space on the wall to free up the floors as well as the counters to feel less cramp.

Do not underrate the Wall Mounted Toilet

Although this kind of toilet is not a popular choice among the home owners, the wall mounted toilet should not be unnoticed as a way to save space in the bathroom. At the time it is installed properly, this kind of toilet is strong and this type of space can provide a lot of space as there is no pedestal or upper tank just like the traditional commodes.


Another way to create some space during the bathroom renovations is replacing the boxy vanity with simple sink installed on the pedestal. With the storage space the bathroom will look much bigger than it was before. You can replace the lost space with installing shelves.

Swinging Door Versus Sliding Door

Traditional swinging doors can consume a lot of space at the time of opening and closing. This space cannot be filled with anything else. There is only one way to fill up this free space and that is to install sliding door also known as the pocket door that slides in the wall. While the pocket doors do save a lot of space, you may have to sacrifice style on it as these are not as attractive as the swinging doors.



The European Style

Small space usually defines the European homes throughout. The bathroom in this case is not an exception. The European style bathroom is known as the wet bath. In this kind of bathroom, everything gets wet, the floors, the toilet, the walls – everything. Having this kind of bathroom allows functional use of the space that is available in the room and provides a feeling of large spaces as the room is a wide open concept. The main thing that you should keep in mind is that in case you choose this route for your bathroom renovations then you should ensure that the floor is sealed properly and drain is installed in order to prevent mildew and mold growth beneath.

Tiny bathrooms are certainly a challenge, but with creative thinking and professional help you can definitely make your bathroom look bigger and even add more space for your everyday things. There are not just a few ideas but the professionals have a lot many for stylist bathroom renovations.

You can definitely get in touch with a reliable and reputable professional in your area as they can totally change the look of your bathroom for good.


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