How to choose the right Poster Printing Service?

Posters can be a brilliant marketing tool when used right. They can be used to raise awareness about an event, or even a business. For hiring a good quality and affordable poster printing service, you require the sample works and the proof poster of a single work, so that you have a basic idea about the service professionals. Time deadline and the color combination and print frequency are also important factors that you must consider, before hiring any professional poster printing service.

Poster Printing Service

Poster Printing Service

How to design Attractive Posters?

  • Use Good Quality Images

Ensure that the images you use on your posters clear and of good quality. It is recommended to speak to your print shop regarding the best resolution; it is generally recommended that higher the resolution is, the lower the risk that the picture will come out pixilated. Pixilation is when the picture shows off the small dots that would normally merge together to provide a high quality image. It comes out almost blurry and out of focus- definitely not the image you want to portray in your marketing.

  • Keep your message short

Think of the message you want to portray to your customers and then find a quick, easy to read message comprising of a few choice words that will get your message across with ease. Remember, customers are going to be walking or driving past the poster. Thus, they need to see the basics of what you are trying to say as they pass, they are not going to stop and read every single detail. So keep it simple and to the point.

  • Make use of vibrant colors: –

Colors can help grab your customer’s attention as they pass the poster. Even if you have a black and white design, a pop of color can grab people’s attention immediately. For example, if you are advertising an upcoming sale, Write ‘sale’ in bright, bold red large font that stands out and grabs the attention of everyone walking past.

Poster Printing

Poster Printing

Select the Right Poster Printing Service

  • Commission a sample first

Before you order a large batch of poster printing, get a sample first. You need to look at the colors, the type font, and the quality of paper the poster printing service is using. While there can be some difference between digital colors and colors on paper, a huge difference should be a no-go.

Similarly, good quality paper should be used for poster printing. A reputable poster printing service will always used laminated paper with good plastic. Good quality plastic makes sure that the colors on the poster don’t fade away too quickly.

  • Research the prices

Before you select a poster printing service, make sure you research the market for pricing. Cheapest isn’t always the best option. You should take into account the quality you are looking for to gauge the average pricing in the market.

  • Look for references

A good poster printing service will always have good reviews from people. Ask your friends, family, and colleagues to suggest a good service. You could always look online to check for reputable poster printing services.

  • Look for a service with a designer on board

The most important aspect of a poster is the design part. If you don’t have design capabilities, find a service that has a designer on board. While such a service is going to cost you more, you will nevertheless get a superior quality product that you can use again.

There are many poster printing service agencies, which carry on web poster printing, and you must hire a poster printing service which shows you the copy proof and the alternative designs, along with an affordable estimate.


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