Pave your driveway to perfection with a qualified Paving Contractor

You might be thinking about adding a new asphalt driveway to add value to your home but how do you know which one is best for you? These are made to provide maximum worth to the property but these also cost a lot and these might prove to be disastrous to your finances if the work is not completed well and does not last. Thus, it is mandatory to make your position very clear to the contractor of your choice on a few points. There are two types of paving – one is that of stone and one made of concrete. Paving is supposed to be advantageous due to the durability, stainlessness, ability to be replaced easily and the availability of multiple patterns. When taking up paving services, get these few factors checked off your list.

Paving Contractor

Paving Contractor

Pointers when hiring a contractor for Quality Paving Services:

  • One of the primary things that you need to do is jot down all your requirements, decide on the area to pave and then get quotes from at least three contractors. If you talk to more than one contractor then you might end up snapping a better deal elsewhere on warranty or the prices offered. If you want to let one contractor know that you are consulting others then you might be in for the best deal. As you receive all the quotes, you measure them up against each other and decide on your choice.
  • Check the materials provided by each contractor as these will differ. One might be offering you a particular type of asphalt mix which might be better at double the price but quality should not be compromised. The thicker the mix, the more durable will it is.
  • The reputation of a contractor matters a lot when it comes to trusting someone with your home improvement project. Ask around the town or you may take reference from the contractors themselves and call them up.
  • Ask him to show his papers that provide his experience in this matter. If he can provide documents related to his claims then he is genuine.
  • Gauge his relationship with his subordinates and then see who will be doing your paving services. The people who’ll do the actual installation process should be known by you and have experience.
  • Try and book local contractors and not contractors who stay outside your state.
  • Do not pay the total amount before completion of the work.
  • Let him provide you with written estimates about the prices and also the starting date. The installation of these paving services take place at a particular season and good contractors are booked from before. The contract should include the total cost of the job including the materials and taxes. It should have all the minute details about the thickness of the asphalt, required area and alto the base specifications, and alto the kind of warranty provided with it.
Paving Service

Paving Service

Pitfalls for homeowners:

These are some patterns that are often repeated by shoddy contractors who cheat the homeowners and take off with the money. These are the services generally provided by them:

  • Materials which do not match quality paving services standards like asphalt which is recycled or does not contain the proper mix of ingredients.
  • They do not provide you with a double layer of asphalt. You have to insist that the asphalt should be 2 inch thick.
  • They quote prices for work that you do not require but which they add for piling up the charges.
  • Immediately installing the paving in a day may not be the mark of a genuine contractor.
  • Warranty coverage is very less.

Moreover, you can go through this link to get more information about paving services.


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