Have a Professional Headshot taken to make a great first Impression

In the digital age of today, visibility is very important. Once you own a business you will need to have a certain presence online and a good first impression on your viewers can always causes wonders. As more and more businesses open up throughout the world, what used to make a business click might not have the same appeal today? There are social networking sites and online search engines through which people will try to connect with you and know about your personal details. In that case, the results are of utmost importance. To have a decent profile picture or portfolio is a necessity and there are many factors on which it depends. It might range from you hiring a professional photographer to getting the right pose which appeals to your business suitors.

Business Headshot

Business Headshot

Tips for getting Perfect Corporate and Business Headshots Portraits:

  • Hiring a professional is an absolute necessity. You might be considering getting your headshot taken by a relative or a friend but it will only backfire as getting a perfect headshot is not possible until and unless someone is a trained photographer and has excellent experience.
  • If you are getting corporate and business headshots portraits taken then you need to ensure that you wear clothes that are appropriate for the office. If you are wearing anything which may give an idea that you are not serious about your work, then it will not qualify as a great professional picture. A business portrait should portray a mature, calm and respectful persona to gain favour.
  • What you are wearing bust above will show in your picture and going with a collared shirt is the best bet. Choose a solid colour that will not distract attention from your face and do not wear very busy prints as they make the picture a little difficult to gaze at. Similarly, if you have a pale skin tone then stay away from white and choose dark colours like red or yellow if you are sure that they won’t clash with the lighting.
Corporate Headshots

Corporate Headshots

  • If you want your professional portrait to be perfect then there are digital re-touching techniques available. If you have hired someone with experience then you can ask them to do a basic photo shopping and re-touching. It is okay to have a glamorous portrait but you need to make sure that it is business-appropriate and does not make you look like a wannabe model.
  • Your photographer should know about this but you also need to know that the focus should be clearly on your face and the picture should be cropped in a way that makes the person click on your profile at a glance. You do not need to look like everyone else and give a candid portrait.
  • Smile but do not try to emulate anyone. Be comfortable and have an expression on your face that makes you look like you are approachable but also look like a serious businessperson. Too grave an expression will not make you look inviting. It might not work in your favour.
  • If you do not have any strict codes attached to it, then you might not think of the studio as the only place where you can have your portrait taken. You can have the photograph taken in your home or a garden or any place you prefer. However, you need to remember that where you have your picture taken doesn’t really matter if there are proper lighting techniques available. Keep your expression calm and serene and do not choose too busy a place to sit.

Hope you get all tips when you take Business Headshots Portraits. Visit here to get more information about professional photographer.


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