Expert Create a Modern and Spacious Look with Office Partitions

Office partition is partially or wholly enclosed workspace, separating from the neighboring workspaces. The purpose is to provide individual to the employees separating them from fellow colleagues and surrounding noises. These separations avoid distractions and allow employees to focus on work. The cubicles are composed on modular elements such as work surfaces, walls, drawers, shelving and electrical fitting etc. which can be configured or customized depending on the user’s needs. Installation is performed by office partitions expert who help in designing the office space with the aim to optimally utilize the space, provide adequate storage units, keep provision for additional partitions or changes in design in the future and appropriate natural lightening etc.

Office Partitions

Office Partitions

Features of Office Partitions that make them a Good Choice

  • Maximize office space: Use of wall panels breaks the large room into several smaller units to accommodate more employees.
  • Enhance productivity: Avoids distractions from other work stations. They create a visual barrier between two work stations and allow the employees to focus on work.
  • Flexible Options: They are available in varied colors, styles, finishes and designs giving a bright and stylish look to the office space. Few are even built to provide acoustic barriers etc.
  • Portable: These wall panels can be moved around whenever required. Their size configurations can be changed or can be moved to a different location. These portable and easy to install partitions can also be used to reconfigure the existing office space.

Varieties of Partitions in the Market

  • Full height in glass wall: This floor to ceiling partition allows complete visibility and allows natural light to flow in. Frosting can also be added for privacy
  • Half glazed and half solid: This style has solid partition in the lower half and glass on the top half allowing a lot of storage space and privacy.
  • Frameless: They offer complete visibility in the office and give a stylish and modern. Frosting in any style or color can be added as per requirement.
  • Solid wall: These complete wall surrounding provides complete privacy, helps in noise reduction.
  • Timber or wood partitions: These partitions create a warm, traditional yet elegant look for the office. These partitions also ensure complete flexibility to meet the modern office fit out requirements. They can be tailored for use in reception, board rooms’ conference rooms and also for the general offices.
  • Aluminum Partitions: These are most cost effective and flexible solutions of partitioning. They are quick and easy to install, and are durable, demountable and re-locatable. They help in high levels of sound reduction and are available in solid, part or fully glazed elevations.

Office partitions have evolved with time, earlier there were permanent partitions made out of wood or a concrete. The disadvantage was due to their permanent structure it was challenging to reconfigure or relocate them. Making of these partitions was quiet tedious and expensive. Today’s partitions are mobile and convenient. They can be relocated, redesigned at minimal cost and gives a very modern and organized look to office.

Office Partitioning

Office Partitioning

The professional outlook of an Office partitions expert for interior fit outs is completely unique and customer centric. They provide complete and premium solution based on the business need, keeping storage and optimum utility of space in mind. These experts have the ability to coordinate the whole project, provide clients with complete information and advise them on how the partition can be streamlined into an efficient and effective work area. The services include:

  • Interior design and structural layouts
  • Optimum space planning
  • Demolition
  • Partitioning and ceilings, work stations and furniture
  • Storage Solutions
  • Floor Coverings
  • Electrical & Data
  • Air Conditioning, plumbing, fire and electrical work
  • Relocation management

Do you like to know more about office partitions expert? Let’s go to the details to get few more information about it.


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