Pretty Patios with quality Patios Design

The patios are just like veranda or courtyard. The patios indicate the extension of your lifestyle. At your home, you can have the patio designed to spend your leisure time. Outdoor living culture is seen in many of the regions, patios design should be in a way that it should give shelter from unpredictable weather and it should protect from UV rays. High quality patios designs are specialized in custom design patios, dome patios, flat and gable patios and hipped patios. These are perfectly built according to your taste. The patios are the focal point for fireplace. During the winter, you can have parties with the fireplace and it will provide you all the pleasure and relaxed feel.

patios design

patios design

The patios can be designed as living space to sit and relax or can be designed as storage shed for home to store the equipment’s and other large materials.

Design Ideas for Patios

  • You can have high end outdoor furniture for larger space or small area. High end doesn’t mean that if they are costly, they are affordable. It is named because they are superior in quality.
  • Design can be based on the outdoor dining concept. It gives you convenient dining with pleasant environment with friends and family.
  • You can design it with lounge. You can keep lounge chair in the sun and relax. It appears like a 5 star resort.
  • You can design patio for entertaining. High quality design patios use the high end furniture’s and make your neighborhood and family feel entertaining environment around.

How to choose Patio shapes?

Patios are unique in design and have many types of designs based on their home and space. They need not have box-shape designs like home. It should be quite exciting and attractive design. Patio can be square, rectangle, circle or free form. Always browse or research on different photos for shapes and ideas. You will get a clear picture of your dream patio before starting it. The factors which dictate patio shape are:

  • Your plan of patio and the purpose of patio like dining, entertainment, lounge etc.
  • Your property’s shape and size.
  • The style of your home, garden and the outer space.

The square patios are common type and the design quality is high and cost-effective as well. But this is the common design chosen by most of the people. The round patios are popular and they will have a focal point at the centre. You can place a dining table or fire pit at the centre. If you are using pavers and bricks, then this is the best shape to co-ordinate with.

patios designs

patios designs

Free-form patios are not very common. But if you have not an exact place to design in round or square patio then you can choose free-form. It is less predictable. It should have an organic feel. A very unique quality design patios are constructed by the experts.

Material types

  • Sandstone: It gives contemporary look and gives the best design for patios. Natural sandstone has the popular choices.
  • Limestone: It gives perfect look for traditional and contemporary looks.
  • Slate: Natural slates add style to patio and gives quality design patio.
  • Quartzite: It boosts up a unique appearance and distinctive look for many years.
  • Granite: It will create a contemporary and refined look.

Paving accessories yielding high quality patio design

  • Scalloped edging: It gives flowing curves and clean lines; it makes the patio stylish and efficient.
  • Round top edging: It is an attractive look and gives natural looking boundary.
  • Natural stone edging: The boundaries with natural stone give a touch of class to any of the patio setting.
  • Stepping stones: These will link from indoor to outdoor space with attractive stepping design, which increases the appearance of the patio.

The quality design patios are cost effective. There are many designs on how you invest for your patios. The materials chosen and the accessories used for the patios should be within your budget.


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