The Best Fire Fighters Have the Best Weapons, Get Fire Hoses for Sale

A fire hose is the most used item in the fire fighting industry. It is high-pressure hose carrying water or fire retardant e.g. foam to extinguish fire. It is either attached to a fire engine or a fire hydrant from outside and it can be permanently attached to a building’s plumbing system. The standard working pressure of a fire hose varies between 8 to 20 bars and its bursting pressure is up to 83 bars.

fire hoses for sale

fire hoses for sale

Different types of useful fire hoses

There are various types of hoses specially designed for the fire fighting department. Discharge hoses are designed to operate under positive pressure and they include supply hose, attack hose, relay hose, booster hose, and forestry hose. Suction hoses are designed to operate under negative pressure.

  • Attack hose: It is designed and specially used by proficient fire fighters and members of fire brigade to fight fire beyond the initial stage. Attack hose has a minimum design operating test pressure of 275 psi.
  • Supply hose: It is a stretchy, fabric covered with a large diameter. Supply hose is intended to operate at the pressure of 300 psi.
  • Forestry hose: It is a bendable hose used for fire fighting in grass, plants where a lighter hose is required in order to move over uneven topography.
  • Booster hose: It is a flexible, thick walled hose with a rubber covering and it is generally passed on a reel. Booster hose is used for fighting small fires.
  • Suction hose: It is also known as hard suction. Suction hose is a semi rigid, rubber covered hose with inner metal fittings.

After use, a fire hose is hung to dry because stagnant water inside a hose for a longer period of time depreciates the material quality and make it impractical and defective. Fire stations have high structures to have room for such hoses for preventive maintenance.

Fire hose

Fire hose

Sometimes, the fire departments have fire hoses that are difficult to repair. Thus, they keep non operational fire hoses for sale. These scraped fire hoses can be used in many different ways:

  • Garden hose protection: In a domestic watering system, sometimes it is beneficial to run a garden hose along the driveway crosswise.
  • Play for animals in a zoo: Scraped fire hoses are given to the primates for climbing and swinging. One can partner with a zoo to create play balls for elephants, tigers etc. These fire hoses are stronger and have more life span than a rope.
  • You can make awesome personal hammocks by twisting an old fire hose around sturdy trees, run it through wooden planks and then tying them together with nylon cord.
  • Line protection for boats: The small boats can be protected from any damage by running an old fire hose around the edges. As a cheaper option, one can use heavy-duty zip ties to wrap 3-inch broad strips of old fire hose around the boat linings.
  • Old fire hoses can be used in local gyms for conditioning exercises.
  • Seats of the swings in parks and other recreation areas can be replaced with an old hose.
  • Old hoses can also be used for decorating child’s room who love fire trucks and people. This can be done by wrapping a stool, covering a wall, making a pillow and creating a ladder for the bunk bed.

Fire hoses for sale are available online because of their constructive usage. Customers can browse and purchase the used or new fire hoses for sale. For buying, a customer should only prefer a vendor with good reputation in this business.


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