7 things to expect from high quality Luxurious Accommodation

There are six types of hotels like economy hotels, upper midscale and midscale accommodations, upper upscale and upscale accommodations and luxurious hotels. You can define luxury as purely based on expectation and wishes of any individual. Quite a number of privately owned hotels and globally branded chain of hotels which range between 4 and 5 star are considered high quality luxurious accommodation.

hampton accommodation

hampton accommodation

Ways to Describe a Hotel Luxurious

The hotels are considered luxurious based on the star rating. In United States, two kinds of ratings are considered important by hotel industry. The American Automobile Association (AAA) and Forbes Travel Guide provide ratings which are considered prestigious. Although 4 star and 5 star ratings are considered luxury, still luxury has its own standard.

Things High Quality Luxurious Hotel should have

When you pay for a luxurious hotel, you expect all the comfort and luxury you are paying for. Some things that you can see in a quality plush hotel are given below.

  • Features of Room

The room you select must be lovely with high quality décor. From bed to lamps everything should be consistent and match the room color. There should be great king sized bed with comfortable mattress and quality cotton sheets. There should variety of pillows and options of getting extra pillows when you need. There should be adequate storage including closet, drawers and table top. There should be enough hangers in the closet. A safe, desk, big mirror and flat-screen television of good size must be available. A good AC or heating system, a good clock, nice painting on the wall and a nice light blocking window curtains are must for a good room. There should be robes and slippers too.

  • Features of Bathroom

A luxurious hotel must have a spacious luxurious bathroom too. The bathroom must be well ventilated with sufficient counter spaces for your things. A beautiful tub with partitioned john and good pressure shower is a must for any good hotel. The luxurious hotels have great smelling bathrooms with perfect make up lighting and beautiful tiles on the wall. There should be branded toiletries from shower gels to soaps. High quality towels in sufficient number and enough racks for your laundry should be there in a luxurious bathroom.

  • Easy and respectful reservation

The reservation process in any good luxury hotel must be easy. Rooms could be simply reserved either online or by phone or through any third party like travel agent.

  • Get the room you want

Any luxury hotel will provide you with the room you are seeking. Whether you want water facing or city facing room, on ground or high floor, king size or single bed or plunge pool or any other special request for rooms can be accommodated by any good luxury hotel.

luxurious accommodation

luxurious accommodation

  • Fast and simple check-in and checkout

If you have to wait for check-in or checkout then it will definitely be irritating at some places. A high quality luxury hotel must have a reception staff those who are attentive and discreet. They should be helpful and fast in providing great service.

  • Great dinning

Any good hotel must provide a place for guests to eat and drink. A luxury hotel can have more than one restaurant and bar servicing good food and drinks. There can be any option for buffets in breakfasts and many hotels offer complimentary breakfast too. The room service must be available for 24 hours.

  • Guest activities

A luxury hotel offers a lot of amenities and activities for guests to enjoy. Apart from 24-hour room service and laundry service, many hotels offer packing and unpacking service and round-the-clock fitness centre. Pool service, spa and special lobby for special guests, complimentary travel service, coffee machine in the room, and Wi-Fi in the room can make the hotel worthy of choosing.

These are the above seven things to expect from quality accommodation. If you want to know more information about luxurious hotel accommodation then visit here to get more ideas.


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