Mechanic Offering Volkswagen Service for your beloved car

Volkswagen, a German manufactured car, is a top-selling marquee of the Volkswagen Group. Besides the official Volkswagen company center, there are various individual service providers which offer similar highly customized services through their website by easy option to schedule service or by using their mobile apps. They also offer easy online payments services. The regular maintenance is made easier by maintenance reminders via email, text or our mobile app and quick easy booking options. The trained Volkswagen Mechanics do a 34 point visual check for maintenance and repair services. They use only genuine Volkswagen parts with warranties and always give Volkswagen approved Stamp for quality and value in the service book of the customer.

volkswagen service melbourne

volkswagen service melbourne

Highly trained Mechanic Offering Volkswagen Service who use the latest equipment and genuine Volkswagen parts can be booked by simple steps laid on Volkswagen website:

  1. Choosing the retailer.
  2. Choosing the vehicle for service.
  3. Selecting the work to be done.
  4. Selecting the date.
  5. Filling personal details
  6. Review & Confirm.

Volkswagen offers two types Fixed or Standard Price servicing for 3 to-15 plus years old vehicles, up to 2.0 liter auto engines along with time duration and distance covered fixed service package:

  • Minor Service

This service helps to prevent minor problems turning into major technical ones. The recommended due time of service interval is when distance covered crosses 10,000 miles or after duration of 12 months, whichever is earlier.

This includes:

  • Providing Volkswagen stamp in service book.
  • Doing re-set service interval display.
  • Doing Investigative checks and giving diagnostics report.
  • Doing the complete testing of vehicle on the road.
  • Inspection of the vehicle and reporting about the lights, brake system, locks, bodywork, exhaust system, instruments, glass, drive belts, coolant levels, driving system and battery.
  • Replacing pollen filter if required.
  • Changing Oil & filter.
  • Major Service

Major Service helps to run the class smoothly and the recommended service interval is every two years or 20,000 miles whichever comes first.

volkswagen mechanic melbourne

volkswagen mechanic melbourne

These services include:

  • Changing the Oil & filter.
  • Replacing the air filter, spark plugs of the petrol engine, pollen filter or fuel filter of diesel engine.
  • Removing the wheels and checking the brakes.
  • Checking and adjusting tension of the drive belts.
  • Checking the gearbox oil level.
  • Checking the final drive oil level.
  • Doing the vehicle check and review and reporting about braking system, instruments, lights, bodywork, exhaust system, glass, suspension, battery, coolant levels, drive and locks.
  • Doing the complete road test for the vehicle.
  • Doing the Diagnostic check report. Re-setting the service interval display.
  • Ensuring putting Volkswagen stamp in service book.

Volkswagen Service Promise

Volkswagen has devised the ‘Volkswagen Service Promise at no extra cost’ for all Authorized Mechanic Offering Volkswagen Service to help manage the cost of motoring and offering ease to customer:

  1. Fitting external bulbs and setting up wiper blades
  2. Offering great value for money deals
  3. Road driving test monitored by a technician when needed
  4. Customized Services and plans
  5. Visual diagnostic checks
  6. Car wash and vacuum

The Official Website of Volkswagen offers following information and advice for independent retailers:

  1. Technical literature to repair the vehicles and to procure Volkswagen special tools.
  2. Assistance if individual repairer encounters any issues, if the service provider has the literature required with a sufficiently trained service team and also the necessary equipment and tools.
  3. Offer contact address for providing Security and component protection codes.
  4. Offer free to use tools and equipment catalogue.
  5. Offer information about technical or non-technical training and right contact for the same.
  6. Offer all sort of support in case of any technical enquiry.

If you want more details about Volkswagen service then please visit us today!


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