Great value for money – Quality Security Roller Shutters

Roller shutters are widely used for doors and windows. These provide you shelter from the sun rays and at the same time guarantee safety and security for many years. These shutters are mainly made of aluminum as this is a metal that is lightweight and durable. These shutters are mainly used for home and commercial complexes or shops. These are the ideal solution when it comes to safety and home security at all times. These are an alternative to the door and window grills. Apart from security, these provide a lot more options such as insulation, privacy, low energy consumption levels and dust protection; these make the interiors a truly living experience like none before.

window shutters

window shutters

Advantages of installing quality security roller shutters

  • Maintenance free – The quality security roller shutters are made of aluminum and are powered coated. These are cold roller with high end German machinery. Needless to say, these don’t need maintenance.
  • Customizations – Every roller shutter doesn’t come in the same size and measurements. Every door and window is of different size and hence these roller shutters have to be customized for such purposes. Most of the manufacturers or suppliers will do the needful at your behest.
  • Some areas are prone to tornados and storms. In these areas there are storm shutters available to offer you the best protection possible during these natural calamities. These necessitate a year round protection. Hurricane and storm shutters protect you the best and unlike the common apprehensions deliver the highest performance and adhere to the aesthetic appeals too.
  • Noise control – The roller shutters don’t crank, don’t create a noise when you open them or shut them down and so these are convenient to all
  • Automation – State of the art technology and material optimization leads to these roller shutters being the best option for a multitude of purposes. Automation means that these shutters can be opened or closed on a single touch and these open close modes can be done from a remote controlled device too.
  • Burglary Deterrent – These are the best in safety and security too and that’s the reason these are the primary burglary deterrent in all homes and complexes.
security roller shutters

security roller shutters

Options and Benefits of roller shutters

  • Most of the roller shutters come with a tubular motor designed to fit inside the axle. These motors come with a warranty. Although automation is the default mode for most of these high end secure roller shutters, yet a manual override option is also available.
  • There is no risk of a free fall with these shutters. There is an Anti-Drop device attached to the same to prevent such occurrences. There is a magnetic hold to prevent such incidents from happening.
  • The shutters can be changed to accommodate operation in the event of a power failure or a power outage. There can be special sensors to detect a power shortage and these shutters automatically go on back up mode.
  • These sensors can pertain to rain, sun, and wind conditions too, and these are perfectly compatible with other interior and exterior switches used as an alternative to remote controls.
  • Removal of oxidation can be done, so that there can be a trouble free life later on.
  • Most of the agencies that supply these roller shutters provide plans to provide for repairs, replacement and installation of these shutters if there is a need in the future. There are easy payment options for yearly, half yearly equated installments too. This allows you to be more flexible with your expenses. Regular maintenance of these shutters and their cleaning prevents repairs in the future.

These are the above benefits and advantages of when you install security roller shutters your home and commercial premises. If you want to know more than you can visit us here.


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