List of Essential Electrical Supplies

Any type of electrical equipment is important for a job site. From industrial building managers to construction crews, field workers, laboratory assistants; everybody needs electrical equipment to meet their specific needs and demands. The industrial manager requires the right wires, switches and fittings of those wires to perform maintenance and repairing work. Construction crews need various electrical products to install into the buildings. Talking of field workers, they need portable power supplies so that they can keep the operation running smoothly and functioning fine.

industrial electrical supplies

The discussion below focuses upon an array of industrial electrical supplies that dime a hundred and have many uses. Brief details on the equipment will give you some idea.

List of Electrical Supplies

  • Outlet strips and extension cords- This category entails products like cord reels fitted with hand lamps, energy management devices, extension cords, international plug adapters, outlet surge protection devices, plug and connector boots, and so on. A worker working on a job site needs the right power tools that need power chords to function. A retractable cord proves useful if you want to keep your workplace safe and free from any hazards. Besides, an outlet strip enables to plug in a number of devices all at once and an adaptor to prevent the tools from becoming disconnected in the middle of work.
  • Wall switches, receptacles and wiring devices- The receptacles are available in an assorted range of phases, amps, configurations, poles, and voltages. When buying, make sure that the receptacles are water resistant and heavy-duty products. The locking receptacles are most ideal as they are durable and resistant in dangerous situations. Grade switches are required for replacement or for a new constructional site. Today, you will find switches in a wide range of material, color and style. There are illuminated wall switches that can be detected in dim light. The different types of receptacles include locking receptacles, pin and sleeve receptacles, straight blade receptacles, USB charger receptacles, and so on.
  • Control systems with lighting controls- You will find a wide range under this category, which includes high bay occupancy sensors, lighting control system components, lighting control system accessories, lighting dimmers, motion sensor accessories, wireless motion sensors, wireless remote controls, wireless wall switches, digital wall switches, replay and power packs and so on. Lighting control system has the power to switch on/off and enhance the lighting productivity through adjustment of light by means of optimal performance. Such a system offers options like load shedding, occupancy-based control and schedule control. Besides, it helps to minimize energy costs too.
  • Receptacles and electrical plugs– The selection offers you in the plugs in varied shapes and sizes so as to meet all types of applications. Besides, the market has all kinds of accessories needed for the electrical plugs. Hence, with the aid of these products, electrical workers can ensure that their job site has all types of electrical equipment that has the right plug-in, etc. The types of products incorporated are locking connectors, locking device accessories, locking plugs, mechanical interlock devices, marine wiring accessories, pin and sleeve accessories, straight blade connectors, straight blade plugs and so on.
  • Wire connectors– Every job requires wire and electrical work. Therefore, the need of industrial electrical supplies is important. Contractors and electricians need wire connectors for rigging any temporary power supply or for rewiring a building. Specific jobs demand color-coded pin terminals and connectors. The supplies for wire connectors are C tap compression connectors, fork terminals, ferrule kits, lug compression connectors, insulated multi-tap connectors, mechanical connectors, motor lead disconnect, non-metallic spice kits, pin terminals, solder type wire connectors, and so on.

Electrical work is a complicated task and you need to have the right knowledge and experience to perform the job with the right tools. The above list has the names of those electrical tools that can make your job easy. Visit here to know more list and their details.


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