Wide range of Quality Roller Shutters and their features

Roller shutters are available in a wide range of designs and sizes and so the users can get as per their requirements. Roller shutters are used at factories, warehouses, showrooms, shopping malls and garages where vehicles are kept. Depending on their particular requirements these shutters are available in various sizes, designs and operation systems. Most of the shutters used for factories and garages are made of flat or curved slats which are hinged together while others models are available in rectangle or diamond shapes where steel or aluminum bars are joined together giving them the desired design. These kinds of shutters are mostly used for showrooms where the entrance is protected but at the same time the displayed items can be seen from outside.

quality Roller Shutters

Operation systems of Roller Shutters

Roller shutters are normally big and bulky in size and so it takes a lot of effort in operating them. Many of the smaller or medium size models are operated manually whereas the bigger ones have the option of being operated by chain pulleys, gear systems or are electrically operated. The oldest and simplest method is manual operation where one has to open or shut it manually. Another method of operation is by fitting a gear box to the shutter where it is opened or closed by a handle which is manually cranked. The next way of operating it is by pulling a chain which is fixed to an assembly of rods, gears and pulleys, the pulling of the chain in one way makes the shutter go up while pulling it in the opposite direction makes it come down. Electrically operated rolling shutters are a common feature in most of the bigger shutters; they can be operated by the flick of a switch. These shutters are fixed to electrical motors and are attached to a gear assembly that operates the shutter; they also have the option of being controlled by a control panel so that the shutters can be opened or closed at pre set levels.

Material of construction

Rolling shutters made in mild steel are coated with weather resistant coatings since they are used outdoors and exposed to all kinds of weather. Many shutters are made with galvanized steel as they are more rust and weather proof. Shutters are also made with aluminum which is popular with residential garages and commercial establishments, since they are light weight they are easy to operate manually while providing adequate security. Certain models are also available in a combination of stainless steel doors with the other parts being made of silver powder – coated steel giving it a sleek and shiny look; these are preferred mostly by high end users like high class retailing outlets.

Rolling shutters for special uses

Many types of rolling shutters with special features are available in the market, some of them are insulated, and they provide protection from harsh weather conditions and also prevent outdoor noises from coming inside. Some shutters have small doors in them which can be opened to let individuals go inside or outside without having to open the whole shutter. Rolling shutters which have a fire rating are also available; the role of these shutters is to prevent fire spreading from one room to another so that the occupants can escape quickly.

Shutters of this kind are used in industries, hospitals, schools and shopping malls. Security shutters which are ideal for warehouses, industrial units, garages and retail outlets which store high value items are manufactured by many firms. These shutters have special fixtures which enhance the strength of the shutters, they have to be fixed in a specific manner, it is the combination of the special fixtures and method of fixing them which give the shutters their strength and make it difficult for thieves or vandals to break in.

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