10 Most Beautiful Kitchen Cabinet Styles

The kitchen is the centre of attraction in your home and this is where your heart is. You have the perfect living space, chic looking bedrooms and garden areas; but then you end up spending most of your valuable time in the kitchen preparing delicacies for you, your family and guests. Since you find yourself spending much of your time in the kitchen, it should be up to edgy style, inviting and spacious for a perpetual appeal.

kitchen cabinets

A spruced-up kitchen is defined by how well for the space is used for cooking purpose and is aptly organized. The following discussion focuses upon the various cabinet ideas and how to find the best cabinet styles to add to the glamour quotient of your kitchen.

10 beautiful Kitchen cabinet Ideas

  • Add depth and warmth to your kitchen with the used of wood veneer cabinet doors, slabs, etc. It is the current trend in the market and is used across many parts of the world. One of the most significant reasons for its popularity is its natural appeal and the welcoming nature it provides it in your home. Nature lovers will love its aesthetic since veneer cabinets show the fine details of wood grains, thus narrating a tale from its tree from which it has been carved out.
  • If you want to have a contemporary looking kitchen, then colors like black or sleek white comes to the mind. However, these days’ colors play a special role and you can have a mix and match of bright hues to add the much-needed appeal for a modern looking kitchen. Laminate cabinets and cherry red lacquer can look absolutely gorgeous! Consider colored cabinets with touch of hue to just the upper cabinets and leave it simple for the lower level.
  • Modern designs are all about neat lines. Consider having kitchen cabinets along with floating shelves. Floating shelves help to add straight lines that complements well with any contemporary decor. Many homeowners prefer to have this particular style for their upper cabinets with closed cabinetry doors added to the bottom half of their kitchen. This aids in storing all the unsightly utensils and appliances.
  • Try out stainless steel kitchen cabinet doors. Opt for steel fabrications that are resistant to marks and stains. These are easy to clean, environmental-friendly, durable, purely sanitary and much more.
  • Envision having lacquered cabinets that are bright, rich and shiny in hues. The cabinets are manufactured by applying numerous coatings of lacquer, which is followed by waxing and polishing. Lacquer finishes tend to be scratch-resistant and durable. It adds the perfect and lavish modern look. Take chances with high-gloss type of lacquer finish for cabinets that has a charismatic appeal to carry forward.
  • Keep it simple with white kitchen cabinets. It looks rich and sophisticated reflecting the brightness of sunshine in your home. Besides, white cabinets are beautifully suited to numerous kinds of drawer pulls. They add a clean and spruced up appeal to your kitchen space.
  • Consider having stained wood style for kitchen cabinets. Stained cabinets seem to send you back into nature yet with magnificent modernism added to it.
  • To achieve modern and open space in your kitchen, you need to have upper cabinets that have sleek styling. If you need ample amount of storage space, then this style may not be apt but it will help to add amazing back splash to your kitchen walls, the appeal of which travel up to the ceiling.
  • Looking for a spectacular style? Opt for cabinets made out of hot-rolled and galvanized steel that ensures minimalistic design. The cupboards/cabinets manifest a feeling that they are some stylish furniture with oodles of aesthetics in them. If you want a hidden kitchen look then opt for this style.
  • Combine wood, lacquer and paint to have a mix and match for the cabinets. How about walnut cabinets with lacquered faces? Also, you can have wooden cabinets with lacquered style in the upper portion.

The options are many, so make your choice for stylish kitchen cabinets with different hues and designs. Moreover, visit here to know more ideas on cabinet designs.


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