Right Way to Help Children with Communication Disorders

Does your child have problems in speech? Does the child have difficulty understanding various facts and distinguishing it from fictions? Well it points out to the fact that all is not well in the realm of childhood. Speech and language disorders refer to the issues in communication and other speech related areas such as oral motor functions of a child. The earlier these are detected, the larger the chances at sorting out these issues and starting therapy sessions. The cause of these widely spread disorders are still not known, although intensive studies and research is ongoing in this field and still lot of progress has not been attained.

communication disorder

Types of Communication and Speech Disorders

  • Speech Disorders

Childhood Apraxia of Speech – This is a motor speech disorder. Children suffering from this kind of disorder have problems with sounds. Syllables and words are not properly formed by children suffering from this deficit. The brain fails to send out impulses for body parts to move for the purpose of speech such as a jaw or a lip etc. The child knows exactly what to say and when but is not able to do so.

Dysarthria – This is also a motor speech disorder and this is a result of abnormal movement of the muscles. These muscles are mainly used for speech production. This includes the lips, tongue and the vocal folds. This is inclusive of the diaphragm. This is more severe or less severe depending on which area of the nervous system is affected.

Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders – With an OMD condition the tongue moves forward in an exaggerated way during the process of speech and swallowing.

Speech and Sound Disorders- There are a lot of mistakes made by children when they learn new words. But mistakes beyond a particular age are not acceptable as normal behavior. That is when the warning signs manifest. Speech Sound disorders include problems that manifest with the articulate speech of words and sounds. These also include the phonological processes.

Stuttering – This is a common problem. However, some of these refuse to fade away with age and this is when medical intervention is needed.

Voice – Many of us face this issue. Colds, allergies, bronchitis, etc. just make it default for us to even voice out on certain days there are various voice disorders that are permanent and these need to be taken up with your medical practitioner if it continues to exist.

  • Medical and Developmental Communication Disorders / Conditions

Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder – This is a very common count condition that manifests itself in school going kids. This affects their ability to pay attention for a continued period of time.

Autism – Autism is a developmental disability. Children with Autism are known as autism spectrum disorder or ASD have social, communication and language problems. These children show an abnormal behavior pattern that exhibits repeated behavior of some activities such as flipping through the pages of a book or smelling something or touching some object. Autism can be mild or severe. Children with autism have generic social and communication behavioral disorders.

Asperger’s Syndrome – This is a condition when the child has difficulty in socially interacting with others. They lack inborn social skills during childhood itself. They dislike any changes in routine, lack empathy, avoid eye contact, and become preoccupied, etc. . . . These if undetected, can worsen over a period of time.

Diagnosis and Prognosis

All the above mentioned are social and communication disorders in children. The first step in tackling the above mentioned disorders is to educate the parents to primarily accept this situation and then take medical steps to lessen the symptoms and then improve the sociability of these kids. Medication to calm the children, a specific diet to improve more concentration amongst such kids and speech therapy classes from time to time are some of the steps that will help you deal with these disorders in your children more effectively.

This blog help you to get all the necessary details about Communication Disorders. Let’s go here to learn more about children with communication disorders.


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