Strengthen Doors and Windows with Security Grills

Doors and windows are meant for protection from burglars and vandals, but may not always serve the purpose they are meant for, and so the best way to ensure security is to reinforce them with security grills. Many residences and business structures built in the past have got doors and windows as per the conditions prevailing during their time; however, considering the present situation, security arrangements needs reinforcement, the most important one being reinforcing doors and windows with security grills. In some cases, Insurance companies charge a lower rate of premium for residences or commercial organizations which have security grills fixed to their doors and windows.

security grills

Different Security Grilles available

These grills can be fixed to new structures or to existing door or window frames, as they come in a wide variety of designs and materials. Security grills are available in various designs, ranging from geometric patterns to Victorian designs which not only provide protection but also add an elegant look to the whole structure. Moreover, they do not obstruct the entry of light or air movement into the room. One can get a view of their visitors from behind the security of these grills. Grills which are made out of strong steel can be coated with finishes of the customer’s choice which not only give them a protective coating and make it easier to maintain, but also give them an attractive appearance. Some grills are also available in strong stainless steel which are rust proof and to a certain extent also resistant to weather conditions. Especially, the basement windows are vulnerable as they are set at a low level and in many cases covered with vegetation or compound walls that make it easy for burglars to operate without being noticed easily by neighbors or any other persons, such windows need to be protected with grills offering them more security and making them difficult to break open.

Window Grilles for additional Security

Grills meant for windows come in different types, while some are in rigid shapes which can be fixed to window frames and other models are fitted with hinges which can be opened and closed, some are made in a collapsible design and while all these types serve the same purpose as the final choice is of the user. Some designs have emergency openings in them so that the occupants can easily exit from the room in case of an emergency. Security grills for windows can be fixed inside or outside the window frame. Many newer models have windows which are reinforced with steel grills and are designed in a manner where both the grill and the glass panes match giving it an attractive pattern and also doing away with fitting grills separately.

Designs for Grilles for Doors

Grills for doors come in hinged or collapsible designs, and these grills are much bigger and are much sturdier as they have to protect the main structure of the building and they are also finished in coatings that can withstand outdoor weather conditions. Similar to the window grills, they can be fixed either inside or outside the door frames. While some models are made as separate units i.e. the grills have their own individual frames and are fixed either inside or outside the door, some of them have a single structure where the door is reinforced with a strong steel grill. Security grills for doors can be plain or in decorative designs depending on the choice of the customer. Many collapsible grills are fixed with rollers at the top and bottom which are set into the channels of main frame which not only provide smooth movement but also provides extra strength as the rollers which are fitted to the collapsible grill are set deep into the channels, some are also provided with built in locks.

Choosing Security Grilles

Considering the present conditions where thefts, burglaries and vandalism are common occurrences, the primary method of security is to install security grills to your doors and windows. Before choosing a security grill for your house or commercial establishment, go through the relevant information available. There are a number of companies that not only manufacture grills but they also offer advice on the type of grills that are suitable to your needs. Many of these manufacturers come to your location, inspect it and advice you on the right type of security grills which will provide maximum protection to the building.


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