French provincial Style Kitchens and their high-end luxury

Kitchen is considered to be an integral part of a home and this is a place in which a home maker performs a series of activities that are necessary to accomplish the task of preparing meals for the family. It is here that the home maker spends a lot of time in day and this is the reason why this area needs to be designed and maintained in a proper manner. Preparing and cooking of foods is a regular task to be performed and a well-planned and equipped kitchen helps the home maker to deal with this ordeal with as less hassle as possible. In our times, with the improvement in the field of science and technology over years has given in for some real wondrous way outs of decking up a modern day kitchen with all that is required for making a proper food-making area in a house. A number of styles have also come up in accordance to which a sophisticated kitchen can be worked out, among which the French Provincial Style is one.

french provincial kitchen

Attractive and unique features of French provincial style kitchen:

French provincial style is basically a form of art that reflects the architecture and culture that has been prevailing in some parts of France in the seventeenth and eighteenth century. So from this itself, it can be made out that any interior designed in accordance with this style will be proud of its royalty and grandeur. Rugged plaster walls, floors carved out of stone and color schemes being influenced by the colors of the landscape around, are a few of the most prominent and effective features of the style being talked of. In this style the kitchen being designed in accordance with this style will amalgamate a traditional flavor along with a contemporary appearance altogether. Right from the walls and ceilings of the kitchen, to the pieces of furniture that are included in this area, all of it will flaunt the overall opulence of the area. The use of pilasters, corbels and cornices are one of the unique features that a kitchen will exhibit after being worked out in this particular style of architecture. The bench tops are likely to be carved out of tiles or stones; however, timber and granite are no less important for these.

Well planning of accessories

Well planned presence of kitchen islands add on to the working space for the home maker even in a limited area. The cabinet and cupboard doors are made up of glass and they deliver an ornamental appearance that fits very well in the surrounding royalty. The beautiful carvings that are expected to be carried out on these doors are surely a treat to the eye. The kitchen brackets and handles made out of wrought iron, that are essentially made to be present in the kitchen, highly enhance the ease and comfort of the home maker to carry out the day-to-day tasks. Besides, the range hoods that are carved keeping in mind the mantle style and the sinks made out of spotless white porcelain are totally complementary to the overall royalty of the kitchen. One of the most significant features of a French provincial style kitchen is that it exhibits hand painted finishing touch.

The color schemes that are usually implied on these include light and soothing shades that please an eye on the first go. Thus, it is a matter of fact that a kitchen designed in the French Provincial Style delivers a proper blend of rustic art and sophisticated architecture in its appearance and so it is one of the best choices.


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