Secure Shut Your Home or Office with Electric Roller Shutters

When you install roller shutters for ensuring safety and security in your home or office, then it becomes quite tedious to operate these shutters manually. On the contrary when you have electric roller shutters, you can easily remain hands-free and control the room shutters or the garage shutters, with a remote control.

electric roller shutters

The operational modes

Even if you have the requirement of a giant-sided roller shutter for strong security reasons, you can install it and operate it easily due to the automated options.

  • The electric roller shutters are made strong against manual lifting and theft.
  • In commercial establishments, it is difficult to adjust the roller shutters manually during the business hours when the sun is too strong, or there is an emergency. In such cases, the automated or electrically operated shutters come in handy, as they can be closed at the press of a button on the wall.
  • Coupled with wall mounted control, most automated roller shutters can also be controlled by the remote. Most of these remotes compatible with the shutter closing systems are technologically advanced, and have operational fault detection systems.

Compatible with mobile devices and easy to clean

  • Moreover, you can also make your mobile device a remote controlling device for closing your shutters and receive messages about blockage on the way of the shutter or any faults too. Moreover, some of these shutters are equipped with a frost sensor which can make you alert in case there is snow or frost accumulation on the shutters.
  • You can also preset your closing and opening operation times on the mobile device that will save you from having to leave your work at and rush to close shutters in time.
  • For the industrial and commercial sector the automated variant of roller shutters also come as a variant hat closes automatically in the case of a fire breakout, the sensors activate the closing of the shutters when the temperature crosses over the specified threshold.
  • The electric shutter also comes with a separate brush that cleans individual slat without water. This not just keeps the shutters clean and prevent dust from accumulating on the roller tube over time, but also prevents rusting of the shutter curtain.

Durability and smooth operation

Most automated shutters are made of strong and durable materials such as galvanized steel and aluminum. The shutter curtains are made strong by individual slats held together by hinges, and fortified further by the installation of two guard rails on either side. Since automated opening and closing should facilitate smooth operation mode, it is important that the shutter roller and the spring be of good quality. It is the spring that will be responsible for the rolling function, and so most automated shutters make use of springs made either from torsion spring or steel coil springs. However, all automated and electric roller shutters are equipped with manual options of operating such as the crank and the pull-up also in case of an emergency. In many cases they also have the feature of detecting and locating any obstacle.

Good looks too

Modern electric roller shutters though made of durable steel material, are also available in different colors and finish to suit the outer façade décor of your home or commercial establishment. In the commercial sector, where security is not the prime reason as in shopping arcades and inside malls, the roller shutters come in perforated or grill variant which allow for a display of goods inside the showroom, even when it is closed. These shutter curtains with attractive designs offer view of the interior, act as a closed door and also are easy to operate at the press of a button on the wall or on a remote device. To ensure security and privacy, opt for such rollers.

This blog to get you all necessary information about Electric Roller Shutters.


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