Know why Stainless Steel Tanks are the Best Choice for you

If you are a smart buyer you would obviously not make a purchase without considering all the options available before you. When you visit the market to purchase a storage tank then you must go for stainless steel tanks. Is there any specific reason behind it? Well, definitely! Stainless steel is an excellent material and just as the name suggests it is “stainless” and will remain stain resistant for a lifetime. Here it would be worth mentioning that the property of stainless steel makes it stain resistant and not stain proof. Stainless steel is actually much more corrosion resistant than ordinary steel.

stainless steel tanks

Stainless steel is prepared by alloying steel with other metals and elements to provide it tensile strength and other beneficial properties. Nickel and chromium are two major elements that are combined with steel in order to give it strength and corrosion resistant properties. Being made of an excellent material, the stainless steel tanks are really better and more cost effective than other different varieties of tanks available in the market.

A green and recyclable option

If you can go for a green and recyclable option then it would help save the environment put less pressure on it. After your tank has provided years of service, you can simply turn it in for recycling and the metal can be used for a better purpose.

The different varieties of stainless steel tanks available:

Please note that there are three types of stainless tanks available for you to purchase from the market.

  • Austenitic: These stainless steel tanks are well known for their robust nature. They are resistant to low temperature and are easy to maintain. They are highly supportive to welding and do not show any sort of dents or marks after the process of welding is over.
  • Ferritic: This form of steel is named due to the abundant amount of ferrite available in the initial crystal phase. There is also a good concentration of chromium and iron making it highly resistant to the substances containing acidic properties. This form of steel is highly malleable and can be formed into various shapes and sorts of pieces. This type of stainless steel is also quite widely used in the automobile industry.
  • Martensitic: This type of steel is named after the ample amount of martensite available in the initial crystal phase. This kind of steel has low durability and it is comparatively more fragile than the varieties of steel mentioned above.

Apart from stainless steel tanks the applications of this type of steel is seen in the manufacturing of wires, nuts and bolts.

When we see the structural configuration of all the three varieties then we will find that they vary in terms of their microstructures. There are other types of stainless steels available as well but the three mentioned above are the most prevailing ones.

Their role in the processing industry

The presence of stainless steel tanks can be seen in any processing industry based on the modern facilities. Besides standard processing, their application is quite wide in the bio-chemical reactors, storing vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and being used for general storage and holding tanks.

In the processing industries, the expenditure always remains steep in various sectors. This is the reason why stainless steel tanks always remain in demand as they are both durable and really affordable.

There are numerous brands offering stainless steel tanks in the market. It is up to you to choose one which will keep an ideal balance between quality and cost. Take into consideration the information given above and make a choice.


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