Cornice Plaster Designs and what are its uses?

Cornice plaster or those cornices which are made of plaster, have numerous benefits. They do not just give a more aesthetic look to your entire home décor, but they also stop leakage and dampness to affect your walls and ceilings. Plaster is extremely durable and versatile construction material, and the installation of cornice plaster is not so expensive or labor-intensive as it was considered to be earlier. Basically, it is a procedure which a cornice can be fixed at the right place so as to deliver a new and updated appearance to a room. The companies that are in the business of cornice installation make sure to use the best quality products such as plaster and other accessories so as to ensure maximum longevity of the same, thus enabling the user to be tension-free for a very long time.

cornice plaster

Uses of cornice plaster in building restoration projects:

  • Cornice plaster is used for the construction as well as for the reconstruction of any building or edifice.
  • For the restoration of churches, commercial buildings, cemeteries, vaults, gothic architectures and Victorian buildings, cornice plaster is used to enhance the look of the buildings and also to ensure that they do not get affected by moisture, rain and harsh wind.
  • Plastic moldings, stone mixed with plaster of Paris are also used to make cornice plasters. You can consult professional cornice plaster builders to get the right adhesive that makes your cornice stay in place for a long time.

Cornice plaster and its variations:

Cornice is one of the most important parts that need to be included in a particular room. This is a part which needs to be fixed just below a ceiling in a room, and this needs to be complimentary with the walls. In other words, a cornice is a portion that decks up the spot where the walls tend to meet in the room.

  • Companies working for the building industry provide a wide Range of cornice plaster to the customers. Ceiling panels and ceiling roses along with domes and straps are common options that are usually attached to a cornice.
  • While applying cornice plaster you must also know what depth should be decided for the installation of the plaster. Smooth strokes of plaster should be applied according to the depth of the walls and ceilings.
  • You can find a combination of traditional and contemporary designs in cornice plaster and the designs can be accommodated according to the décor of your house.
  • Federation cornice, late art deco cornice plasters, modern and post-war cornice plaster designs are generally very popular in most of the homes.

Beautiful designs and presentations

Beautiful designs are created and given out in the form of arches and vents that can initiate a fine contemporary look into the room. Besides, niche, columns, pilasters and corbels make a room completely decked up in accordance with the desire of the dwellers of the room. However, the wall lights play a very significant role in adorning a room to its best. One can make a choice of a perfect lighting scheme that suits in well with the color and appearance of the cornice and make the room a wonderful place to be in. While talking of cornice plasters, the mention of Boral cornice is a must. It ensures best of designs and longevity and this will what will deck up the meeting point of the walls in a room. The Victorian and the Georgian cornice styles are gaining considerable importance with time and this is because these are highly sophisticated ones and provide a room with the best of what cornice decoration means.

These are the above uses of cornice plaster and its variations. If you want to see cornice plaster designs and their uses then let’s go to the details.


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