Enhance your Interiors with Stylish Venetian blinds

If you love nature, then you must be spending lots of your time outdoors. At least you aspire to do so, whenever there is a break in your busy schedule. In the fast-paced, crowded and primarily claustrophobic lifestyles in our concrete cities, sunlight and natural views breathe in a puff of freshness and bloom, making them a much wanted and desired need for city dwellers. With contemporary homes and business centers prominently located in skyscrapers and tall-structured complexes, the interiors are blessed with large windows and glassy facades. By filtering in beautiful natural light, these windows are your gateway to newness and sparkling light. But everything is not bright and shiny; the sun glare also contributes to skin damaging diseases due to their highly penetrative Ultra violet radiations. With a host of stylish venetian blinds you can effortlessly block out the harmful rays without compromising on the aesthetics of the room décor.

venetians blinds

Easy way to channel Sunlight with Blinds

The most common way of blocking sun rays are simply covering the light source with effective blinds or opaque curtains. The latter may be messy and untidy, but the sleek venetian blinds effectively block out the rays providing seamless coverage with absolutely no clutter or superfluities. Available in a wide range of designs and patterns to suit an array of applications in premium homes to warm bedrooms, classy boardrooms to corporate offices, these window covers come in all price ranges and economical functional designs as well as exquisite hand crafted creations.

Noteworthy in this segment of sleek window fashion wear are timber venetian blinds and shutters which are commonly made of:

  • Lightweight yet strong and durable Cedar timber
  • Consistently wood colored Basswood timber for durability and light weight

They are available in many shades and give you a relief from constant global warming:

  • Available in warm shades of wood ranging from medium to dark brown as well as white, these natural looking Venetian shades add warmth and natural charm to your interiors.
  • These can be bought in lacquered or painted finish depending on your tastes and have additional properties of thermal insulation to keep your rooms naturally protected from the harsh cool winds.
  • A major chunk of people just buy these timber venetians for their good looks.
  • As incidents of global warming and environmental pollutions are catching steam, more and more people are looking at initiatives to minimize their carbon footprint with eco-friendly application.
  • These exquisite blinds are made of high quality natural timber that is treated for durable usage and sustainable applications by skilled artisans and crafted into beautiful window dressings for functional light coverage as well as adornments for your clean cut and warm living spaces.
  • These utility window dressings are available in a range of sizes to fit the length and breadth of your windows and even in multiple shades of wood finishing.

Fashionable and Functional venetians

In modern living, unpretentious sophistication is the norm. Everyone is going in for high quality things that have an inherent class without being overly gaudy and pompous. Clean classy looks are much sought after making these sleek and sophisticated window coverings made of quality plantation timber, a very popular choice in interior décor for family homes, apartments and even commercial properties. The natural wood finish of these stylish venetian blinds lends a country home look to your interiors, making your living spaces welcoming and comfortable. Most importantly, these timber venetians are beauty with brains and effectively cut out the glaring light with their opaque slats. Easy to install without any hassles of extensive drilling and fitting, these sturdy blinds and shutters are even easier to use with easy pull mechanism for managing the coverage and thereby effectively managing the natural light exposure in your rooms.

This blog has been written for reader to provide innovative and useful information about Venetian blinds. To know more about blinds and shutters then let’s go to the details.


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