Know about the requirements of high quality Domestic Roller Shutters

Rollers shutters are horizontal slats for windows or doors. It can be raised up or lowered down depending upon your comfort. There are many kinds of roller shutters that can be used. There are domestic roller shutters, commercial and also industrial roller shutters etc. The domestic roller shutters can be used for your home doors and windows. This keeps away the dust and also protects your home from robbery or vandalism.

Domestic roller shutters

Details and Application

These shutters are used to cover any kinds of windows and doors for your homes. There are a wide range of roller shutters available in the market. The shutter consists of lots of components. They consist of:

  • Shutter box : A shutter box is made up of steel or aluminum. It is usually fixed onto the external face or internally or built under the lintel.
  • Lath : Made up of steel, PVC or aluminum.
  • Shutter Spring : The springs are present in the shutters. There are of two type flat spring and spring wire.
  • Rail : To retain the curtain of the shutters there is a rail or guide rail or track. It can be made up of aluminum or steel.
  • Lock :A lock is used to secure the shutter in the required place. There can be bullet or shutter lock in the roller shutters.


There are many advantages of putting these roller shutters in your home.

  • The Window roller shutters are more effective to keep the environment of your house clean and hygienic. These keep away the dust and dirt outside making your home refresh.
  • It provides the style and comfort that you are looking for your home. These come in different colors and look and so they give the exact look that you want for your home.
  • The domestic shutters give the lifestyle you want by providing the privacy that you need.
  • The environment of the house remains in your control with the window shutters. Summers and winters are cool and refreshing with your ACs and heaters on, as putting down these sleek shutters will not let the outside weather to effect inside environment.
  • Not only the domestic shutters keep away dust and wind, but they also protect from the UV rays and block the noise from outside.
  • The domestic roller shutters are built out of strong steel or aluminum and are usually have a high density polyurethane core for rigidity and insulation. These make the products strong and durable if they are purchased from a good company.
  • The shutters give good security to your home. It protects your house from theft and intrusion.
  • A lot of choices are available in colors of the roller shutters. These are coated in layered abrasive resistant enamel paint and it remains the same for long time.

Kinds of Domestic Shutters

  • Built-in Roller Shutter Doors : In such type of products, the shutter boxes are placed into the lintel above the window and so they are fit and hidden within the house decor.
  • Built-on Roller Shutter Doors : Just as name suggests such types have the roller shutter box fixed to the exterior of the house.
  • Electric : Such window shutters are automatically operated by just using a button. It has a tubular motor fixed within the roller which makes it work automatically.
  • Manual : As the name suggests these are manually operated by pulling the winding handle. There is a gear drive from shutter roller through the building’s front to joint in the room.
  • Integrated roller shutter : It is single unit that has the roller shutter and window.
  • Fire Shutter : Such kind of shutters can be manual or electric and linked to Fire alarm system to close on detection of fire.

If you want to know more then let’s have a look to get additional information about Domestic Roller Shutters.


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