All You Need to Know About Tennis Court Surfaces

Tennis court is basically a rectangular surface with a single net stretched from one end to the other in a court. The net for a tennis court is closely attached to the ground. The court is mainly meant for playing tennis – both singles and doubles. The court is of clay, grass or concrete. The surface of tennis court is very important for the tennis players. Every surface has its own quality and importance which affects the game. Following are some of the guidelines which need to be considered for quality tennis court surfaces.

tennis court surfaces

  • Performance and longevity of coating mainly depends on the construction of the court. You can browse online for detail guidelines provided by American Sports Builders Association
  • Slope requirements for quality tennis court surfaces are 1%.
  • Subsurface and adequate surface drainage system need to be installed in order to prevent accumulation of water below the court surface
  • Concrete courts need a vapor barrier beneath the slab. This should be of 10mil thick. Courts of this type are finished with broom texture. You can go through the guidelines and specifications of a coating manufacturer for concrete court instructions
  • New asphalt or concrete needs to be cured fully
  • At least 28 days are required for concrete
  • At least 30 days are recommended for asphalt, mainly during the curing conditions in moderate sunlight
  • The existing surface should not be coated with a sealer. Acrylics never go well with the coal tar or asphalt-based sealants

Repair of Quality Tennis Court Surfaces

After rains of an hour, quality tennis court surfaces needs to be repaired with acrylic binder patching mix. You have to fill the cracks which are more than 1/8″ wide with a suitable acrylic crack sealant. The surface of the court needs to be cleaned before the applying coats. If any area is mold and there is fungus, it should be treated with a solution of two parts of water with 1 part of bleach. Spray the solution and allow it to stay for half an hour. Next to this, scrub with brooms and rinse thoroughly by using pressure washer. This is an excellent way to treat the areas which are mainly exposed to the shade.

The mixing instructions of the manufacturer are to be followed. It is better not to over-dilute the coatings. The size of sand is very important on the surface of the court. When proper types of the sand are unavailable in your area, you can purchase it form the manufacturer.

Use of Proper Equipment for Application

  • Grass Trimmers – This type of equipment is mainly used in order to trim around the court. This will prevent weeds and grass from handing in the path
  • Floor Scrapers – Floor scrapers are mink used in the court surface before application; they scrape the surface between the coats for the removal of small bumps
  • Soft Brooms – Use soft brooms is to scrape between the coatings gently

Follow the Manufacturer’s Curing Temperatures

For quality tennis court surfaces, you need to apply the products when the temperature is 50 degrees. It is better to apply the products in the morning, especially when the surface is cooler. If you cannot avoid applying at hot temperatures, you can slightly mist the surface in order to make the pavement cold. Keep in mind to use a hose nozzle or a pump sprayer with the mist setting. If you are applying acrylic coatings for resurfacing, you have to dry it within an hour of application. Of course, low temperatures and high humidity will increase the time of drying.

These are above guidelines which need to be considered for quality tennis court surfaces. Visit us and get more details on court surfaces.


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