Different Types and Uses of Fasteners

There are different types of hardware that are used during building construction, and these include the mechanical accessories and other tools. There are different types of engineering appliances which are used in construction. Apart from knowing the construction and mechanical hardware products, like bearings, couplings and transmission chains as it’s important to get a clear idea about their applications before you start using them. Here, some of the important aspects of fasteners hollow wall are mentioned which can make your construction easier.

fasteners hollow wall

Concrete fasteners are mainly used in order to join metal and wood to concrete. These concrete fasteners which are mainly designed for specific purposes are quite hardy and durable in their structure. Following are some of the different types of fasteners which can be used for the perfect improvement of your home.

Plastic Fasteners

These are mainly used for the construction in the mechanical industry. These are perfect for holding the weight which is not more than 50 pounds. The fasteners can be used when they are used along with mortar, concrete, stone and brick. However, you need to be careful which using these type of fasteners in concrete as plastic is very soft as they may break if you turn the screw forcibly.

Hammer Set Type Fastener

The hammer set fastener is not that difficult top install. These types of fasteners are hassle-free and you don’t need nuts to place it. Drill the hole deeper and hammering the fastener is all what you have to do. This is a very popular choice for mechanical and construction hardware among the manufacturers. However, there is a disadvantage of any fastener. When you remove it, the wall gets damaged.

Metal Shield Fasteners

These are also an excellent choice for construction applications. This type of fastener can be used in brick as well as mortar. These are also known as soft metal shield fastener. These types of fasteners can strip off easily if too much force is applied on the wench.

Screw Fasteners

These kinds of concrete fasteners are screw fasteners hollow wall which is mainly used to attach the doors, windows and electrical boxes. The only method of installing these fasteners is screw driver. These types of fasteners can be removed and screwed back very easily.

Sleeve Fastener Hollow Wall

These types of fasteners are known as sleeve anchors. These are best for holding weights not less than 200 pounds. There are different styles and sizes of sleeve fasteners available in the market. In order to install this, you just have to make a hollow on the wall and screw it inside. However, you have to be careful when you are screwing it as tightening the concrete fasteners hollow wall can break the hole.

Expansion Fasteners

  • These are mainly used in solid and thick materials, especially on brick, metals, mortar and wood. These mainly work by expanding when the bolt or screw is threaded. Expansion fasteners hollow wall are mainly strong as the material they are used in.
  • If you use them in a soft material, the strength will be quite minimal and it will come off if too much of stress is applied.
  • There are different types of fasteners available in the construction and mechanical market. Some of the famous versions are screws and lag shields which are best used on the masonry walls.
  • The toggle bolts are mainly suitable for carrying medium and light load. These are also used for making hollows on masonry walls.

The above types of fasteners are mainly designed to use on solid materials or to hollow walls. They have a unique way of spreading inside the hole of the wall. Once they are spread, they can be pulled back through a small installation hole. You can choose from wide range of fasteners hollow wall which will keep your houses look more attractive.


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