2 Major Factors to Consider as You Buy a Quality Plasma Cutter

Most of us take care of small maintenance and repair work in our homes or offices and need the right cutting tool. Some people may require tools capable of handling higher cutting volumes. You may be using the mechanical saw more frequently, and may be on a lookout for a viable alternative. For all these requirements, the best solution is to buy a plasma cutting tool. But before you do so, it is a good idea going through an informative plasma cutting guide.

Plasma cutting guide

Some of the obvious benefits of using plasma cutting include faster travel speeds, high quality precise cuts and ease of use. Here is a comprehensive plasma cutting guide, and it is based on what plasma cutting is all about, and how to buy the right one and use it efficiently.

  • About plasma cutting – Ionization of compressed, superheated air towards formation of conductive gas is called plasma. Electricity to the work piece from the plasma cutter is conducted with the help of this gas using a copper nozzle and conductive electrode. A tornado effect is created through the constriction of high velocity gas. Metal is blown away after melting with the help of energy provided to the arc.

  • Oxyacetylene Vs plasma cutter – Stainless steel, aluminum and mild steel are some of the metals on which you can use plasma cutting. As compared to alloys, precise, crisp cutting is possible on mild steel. Plasma cutting creates the momentum to blow away metal after melting it, as this produces enough energy for this process. Oxyacetylene on the other hand cuts by burning through the metal. This means, it cannot be used on any other metal other than ferrous metals and steel. Even non-ferrous metals can be cut with the help of plasma cutting, according to plasma cutting guide. Another major advantage of plasma cutting is that it ensures fast travel speeds, and the skill levels required for this task is also very low. It is also safe to operate as it does not involve usage of explosive or flammable materials. All these features make plasma cutting more expensive than oxyacetylene.

After considering the above mentioned benefits, if you feel that plasma cutting is the best alternative for you, it is time to purchase a plasma cutting machine. As you do so, there are a few aspects to consider.

Here are 2 major factors you must consider as you make your buying decision.

  1. The type of plasma cutter you buy should depend upon the thickness of the metal you cut frequently. Ratings for plasma cutting power sources are usually done on the basis of the amperage and cutting ability. Lower amperage cutter is enough for you if you will not be cutting metal more than quarter inch thick. It is not possible to get a quality cut if you use a smaller machine for thicker metal.
  2. Cutting speed – Cutting speed is another aspect that you need to consider as you choose a plasma cutting machine according to the plasma cutting guide. For this, you must consider whether you will be using the plasma cutter for small time jobs or in a production environment. Usually, the best manufacturers provide cutting speeds for all thicknesses. If you will be using the cutter on quarter inch metals, you can effectively cut using higher amperage machines. It is a good idea to choose a machine that will handle twice your cutting thickness if you will be using the plasma cutter in a production environment as this will get the job done faster.

Test the machine for quality and performance before you buy. This is a very crucial part of making a purchase. A number of machines have to be checked in terms of consistent rate of speed over metals of different thicknesses. Cutters that offer a focused, tight arc are the best ones according to the plasma cutting guide.

These are the above Factors are Consider to Buy Plasma Cutter. Keep in touch to get more information.


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