4 Easy Tips and Tricks for Cleaning Window Roller Shutters

Roller shutters are nothing but simple shutters mounted on windows that can be easily rolled down to protect the window from external environment. Mostly, these shutters are made out of wood namely rosewood, oak, cedar and timber too. Though timber is considered to be the popular choice amongst them yet woods like oak and rosewood are known to offer finished look along with affordable rates. Other than that, materials like steel and aluminum are even used in the making of window roller shutters.

Window Roller Shutters

However, no matter what kind of material you wish to choose for your shutter; each one of them in available in a wide range of colors, designs, styles and shapes. This ensures that you will find your perfect fit without any complications. Even if these shutters are super easy to find, but the problem comes for cleaning or maintaining them. So, in this article we are going to discuss about 6 easy tips that you can follow to maintain your window shutters at the comfort of your home.

  • Wash to Get Rid of Dirt Build-Up

The first thing is that you should always wash the window shutters by using a mix of warm water and mild detergent to fight against dirt build-up. This is important because the shutters are often times exposed to external weather conditions. This not only affects the durability of the shutter but it also degrades the hygiene. With frequent clean-ups, the shutter tends to retain its original color and clean appearance that helps to get rid of unwanted dirt, debris and dust from entering the house. So, it all begins with a simple clean up session that can be carried at least twice a week to remove dirt and dust.

  • Wipe and Brush the shutter folding

You can use a simple cotton cloth and big toothed brush for this process. Now, after you have washed the window roller shutter with the mixture of water and mild detergent then take a brush and clean the shutter folding. Here, you need to ensure that you clean each and every nook and corner of the shutter, especially the edges and gaps that can turn filthy if these are not cleaned properly. So be careful while handling this section of the shutter. After you are done with brushing, you simply need to wipe the shutter with the help of a cloth.

  • Apply a Coat of Weather Resistive Brace for Protection

In order to protect the shutters from moisture, you just need to apply a thin coat of weather resistive brace on it. Make sure that you completely wipe the shutters, at least twice before applying the coat. While applying the coat you can follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and apply it as per the directions. However, always have the essential tools by your side like a brush for applying the coat, and gloves to protect your hand. Avoid applying too much brace on the window shutter because this can hamper the quality of your shutter.

  • Go For Repair Services of Window Roller Shutters If Needed

If you think that something is really not right with your window roller shutters then just go for the professional repair services, who can fix the flaw immediately. Try looking for companies that are near your location because then the professionals can reach out to you in no time and help you out with your problem. But, while going for professional companies consider important aspects like the type of repair services that they provide, experience of the company, and also the price charged by the company for the services that it comes up with.


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