The basic styles of Sunrooms having Glass Enclosures:

We are aware about the fact that the design and the style of the sunrooms is what make them attractive in the looks. Sunrooms are mostly made of glass enclosures that help the sun light to enter into the room without any hindrance, and in this process the heat is trapped in the glass enclosed sunrooms. Mostly people opt for the glass enclosed sunrooms so that they can enjoy the heat of the sun without even stepping out of their house. Whether, an individual is looking for having the straight lines in the sunroom or willing to have flowing curves in the sunroom. Basically, there are four styles of making sunroom and the choice depends upon the taste and requirements of the individuals. And the best part is that it does not matter what you are willing to have in your dream sun room, everything can be very easily added to your sunroom in order to give it an appearance of a complete natural extension.

Glass Enclosures

The Styles available for Sunroom are:

  • Straight
  • Curved
  • Cathedral
  • Conservatory

The straight style works best as an enclosure for the patio that is pre-existing. Thus, mostly in straight styled sunrooms, the space is enclosed with double paned glass windows and beautiful siding of vinyl. Thus, the owner of the house gets to utilize the neglected and abandoned space because of the inclement or varying weather conditions which might go adverse at times. The owner of the house mostly prefers glass panes for making up of the sunrooms, and other materials such as wood, vinyl or aluminum can be used for making up of the sidings to support the glass panes in order to create space that can be enjoyed and can also make your house far more elegant and stylish.

The curved style is another one that is commonly used, and this glass gets its name originating from its wall, which are in the curved form to make the roof of the sunroom having glass enclosures. This particular design of sun room is made in a way which is capable to capture maximum natural sun light. The windows in the sunroom having curved enclosures are especially made to ensure maximum amount of energy efficiency and durability, and the glass pane enclosure of the sunroom protects against the harmful ultraviolet radiation rays emitted from the sun. It allows an individual not only to enjoy the light and warmth of sun but also prevents any type of fading or loss to the furniture of the house.

The third one is cathedral style designed for the sunrooms as it is the architecture which has a high center beam with the roofs sloping in downward direction and beautiful vaulted ceilings of the sunroom. It is surrounded by the double paned glass windows which give a very good illusion of height and this also exudes the sunlight and natural airy atmosphere. The roof of such sunrooms is insulated and this keeps the heat of the sun from escaping. Thus, it provides an energy efficient and very effective warm environment. It is coupled with the windows that are energy efficient and the sidings of sunroom which makes up for an elegant, beautiful and also economical choice for the sunroom enclosures.

The last style is the conservatory style of the sunrooms. It is the most elegant of all the sunroom enclosures style. The conservatory styled sunrooms have roof with glass panes that are joined together at central beam and this allows the natural sun light to filter into the sun room from all possible angles.

Hope you get above mentioned styles of Sunrooms enclosures. Keep in touch to get few more important information about Glass Enclosures.


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