Most Useful Reasons Why You Choose an Appropriate Printer Rental

Renting Printers: Yes or no?

Office equipment can be a rather huge investment, and organizations may not always have enough liquidity to invest in them right away. Printers, whether for an office or home can similarly be leased or rented for a certain amount of time.

Renting printers for use at a home doesn’t make much sense because it is for a personal use and you wouldn’t require the latest technology as compared to businesses. Buying a printer for your home needs is a good investment since you can always take your heavier printing work to professionals who specialize in printing.

Printer Rental

Listed below are some of the pros and cons for renting or leasing office equipment, mainly printers.

Reasons to rent/lease a printer

  1. In an office setting, printers are surely the important piece of machinery and buying heavy duty printers can be quite expensive. Luckily, many brands let you rent out printers at much less the upfront cost compared to buying one.
  2. When office machinery is rented out, organizations have the option to select from the latest models with multiple features. Once rented or leased you can switch out older models as and when newer ones hit the market.
  3. Leasing office equipment preserves resources that can now be used or invested in other areas for the business.
  4. Renting out printers also gives you the option to have multiple printers at a time as this is less expensive for the present.
  5. Renting out office equipment means that you are not making a long term commitment to this investment.
  6. This is a fixed investment for a long term and is predictable; hence you can plan your finances accordingly.
  7. At the end of the agreed lease time, you have to option of purchasing the equipment permanently or extending the agreement for a longer period.
  8. Maintenance and repair costs can be at the cost of the rental with no extra cost to the organization.
  9. You can show the entire rent amount paid as expenses towards business and can claim tax benefits for the same.
  10. If your organization is one that doesn’t have a permanent base of operations, renting is a great option since you won’t have to spend money on transportation etc.

Reasons to not rent or lease a printer

  1. Renting out printers is usually much more expensive in the long run. If this equipment has been leased for a short duration it does turn out more profitable than buying since the product depreciates in value from the minute it is bought.
  2. The particular printer you require may not be readily available and your work will be delayed because of this.
  3. Some vendors do not offer the option of renting.
  4. Color printers may be less available than monochromatic equipment.
  5. The return on this investment (in this case the investment would be the rent being paid) may not always pay off in the end, since you may not be using it as much as required which means you will be paying a lot more than you have bargained for.
  6. You will not own this and cannot claim it as an asset for the organization.

In the end, you are the best judge regarding the question. If you require this for a long term without heavy use, investing in a small multipurpose printer system (Printer, scanner and copier) would prove to be a better option.

If you are using this equipment for a short term and are looking for something less permanent and light on your pocket, renting seems to work the best. Visit here and get some more important ideas.


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