How to usage & distinguish about the Roller Guide

When you find a company that is reputable and dependable, you will be able to purchase roller guides needed for your passion for fishing. A company who can vouch for the flawless performance of their products and who has a thorough knowledge of their products can be blindly trusted. Roller guides should be chosen only after you are sure that these will perform as your requirements. The roller guides should be able to last almost 90 times more as compared to conventional ring guides.

Roller guides

Maintenance of the Roller Guides

You will be able to keep the roller running freely if you flush the guide with fresh water as soon as you reach the dock. This manages to wash away any residue of the saltwater between the frame and the roller. This is only a short term maintenance which ensures the smooth running of your roller guides. Make sure you do not lubricate roller guides with spray lubricants as the chemicals will only hinder their performance by gumming up the roller. A better option is any water proof grease which can be applied on the outside of the bearings.

Another point to remember for the maintenance of your roller guides is to disassemble the roller guides and tops, probably every two years, and clean and lubricate them. By removing the screws and pins, preferably with a #2 standard screwdriver, all parts which include the insides of the frames can be wiped clean using paper towels with a thinner or a mild solvent. Before pushing the bearing back into the roller, you need to lubricate it with minimum amount of waterproof grease. Then you can tighten the pins and screws with the screwdriver. If you find that your rollers only rolls at the time the screws are loose then you can choose for epoxy rod finish or damage inside the guide frame.


When looking for a company which provides these roller guides, you should be able to make sure that they are strong enough and the lines do not snap at moments of stress when you are fighting a fish. A good company makes sure of the standard of the products that they provide to their customers and take all the effort to control the quality. They use a testing machine getting a thorough knowledge of the wear and tear of their products, which include the roller guides. You need to look out for quality where there are no compromises made.

Corrosion and Rust

Roller guides can get corroded due to salt water, and this can be cleaned from the top frames or guides with soap and water and polishing it gently with a dry towel which is of terry cloth. If you find the corrosion a little on the heavier side, you can clean it with Colonite’s metal polish or chrome polish. You can replace the guides only if you find the corrosion or the rust has managed to penetrate the many layers of chrome plating.


The replacement of these guides or any of the screws, bearings, pins and rollers are available regardless of the condition and age and there is no cause of fretting. Knowing the part numbers, most of the dealers of the company you choose, are able to supply the assemblies. You will be able to find this information on the company catalogue. For your information, you can use wire lines for trolling on the guides. Opting for a company which can offer you roller guides in models matching perfectly with fishing rods of saltwater is a wise decision. So take out time and do enough research in order to get the best.


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