Aluminium Roller Shutters Providing Maximum Security Blended With Stylishness

Everybody would like to provide their storefront, home, reception counter, bar, services, warehouses maximum security as well as give these an attractive look. Aluminium roller shutters are best for this purpose. These are constructed from horizontal interlocking aluminium slats with bottom rail and stylish looks. Roller shutter system is installed to prevent any unwanted break-ins and to keep away sun, dust, noise etc. There are shutters which can be operated manually and those managed by remote control. Both the manual and radio controlled shutters are light, corrosion free and they come with an option of the reliable espagnolette lock at the bottom rail which makes the product intrusion-proof.

Aluminium Roller Shutters

Aluminium Roller Shutters

The pros of roller shutters

Aluminium roller shutters come with an all-weather protection. Whether there is scorching heat or there are other extremities in weather (snow, rain, hail, blizzard etc) the roller shutter system can effectively keep away the weather tantrums keeping your property safe. Due to the shape and design of the roller shutters, they act as thermos thus keeping a room chill in hot days and retaining the warmth in cold days. Nobody wants unwanted attention and peeping strangers in their private property. Roller shutters completely satisfy an individual’s privacy and keep the trouble makers away.

Security offered by roller shutters

Aluminium roller shutters are manufactured to fulfill a person’s security and privacy requirements. Their length varies to 3500 mm and changes in accordance with change in models. Roller shutters come with an option of fixed or removable bottoms and they are also available with dust caps. In order to make the shutters look good, these have a wide range of vibrant color options to choose from. End slats, bottom rails, end caps can also be colored differently in order to give it a stylish look. It comes both in single or double wall insulation. Due to its high quality lacquer coating, Aluminium roller shutters are highly resistant to scratches, cracking, layering, corrosion, temperature fluctuations and even from the harmful UV rays.

People often stay in the confusion that an Aluminium roller shutter has a complicated mode of operation with strenuous physical effort. This is not the actual scenario because roller shutters come with easy and smooth chain system which even allows a kid to pull down or push up the roller shutter with a minimum energy applied. However, if this still seems strenuous there is also the option of radio controlled roller shutter system which can open or close the shutter in one easy click. The guide rails on which the mobility and smoothness of the shutter depends is categorized into standard guide rail, reinforced guide rail, doubled guide rail, distance guide rail and angle guide rail.

Maintenance of roller shutters

Maintaining your Aluminium roller shutter is as easy as its installation process. Corrosion free aluminium with anodized color and powder coating with natural aluminium finish gives the product a master touch. However, keeping the shutter clean in a busy, traffic congested city or coastal areas is required, industrial installations also require a maintenance check at least once a year, guide rails and bottom rails require lubrications(light grade motor oil) at a frequent interval in order to maintain smooth functioning. It is not a very time consuming or hectic process but keeping the shutter system smooth and effective is desirable all the time with a little monitoring.

The main function of Aluminium roller shutters is to keep the private property safe from burglary or unwanted intrusion. These are very useful as these are made of extruded aluminium used with reinforced guide rails and are made to prevent break-in situations. Once you have locked your property, it is safe in your absence.

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