Some Important Factors Linked Selecting the Right Commercial Lifts

Lift systems have grown on to become a necessity in most places today and as buildings grow even taller the requirement for commercial lifts continues to increase. As people are building taller buildings it’s becoming more important to make sure that every aspect linked to the lifts is understood. This will allow you to install the right equipment. Some important factors which must be observed while selecting lifts for a building include are discussed below.

Commercial Lifts

The carrying capacity of lifts

One of the main points linked to selection of a lift is the number of people it can accommodate. This is a very important aspect which must be observed in order to ensure that the lift can carry an adequate number of people but at the same time have the required space to be installed. In residential buildings it’s common to find a lift which can accommodate 4-6 people but in commercial buildings you can find much larger commercial lifts that are even capable of carrying 20 people and heavy equipment and cargo. Many shopping malls also have lifts to load and offload items from the building and move them from floor to floor.

Weight and power of the lift

It’s important to also observe the materials that the lifts are made of as this will determine the weight of the lift and its efficiency. The weight plays a huge role in several factors such as the efficiency of the lift as well as the energy consumed by the lift while in operation. The weight also determines the power of the lift motors. Using materials like aluminium will help reduce the weight ration by up to 80% yet deliver the require strength for the lift even when under pressure.

Power back-up system

It’s also very important to have a proper back-up system in place, thus allowing the lift to be moved in case of a power outage. Power cuts can occur at any moment and it’s critical that the lift has in place this system so that the trapped users can be moved to safety. The lift should be able to slide down when required even while the electricity is down thus allowing the users to get down at the very next level. Lifts should also have their very own generator system which must be fuelled at all times to back up the electrical supply while power is down.

Safety measures

Safety is another major aspect when installing a lift since it must have the latest safety equipment to prevent any horrible tragedy. All lifts have automatic breaking systems installed in them but at the same time certain other equipment must be installed to increase the level of safety. There is enough information regarding the lift safety available abundantly on the internet so it’s critical to make sure you perform the required research which will allow you to locate the most suitable lift models. Safety is a major concern when it comes to lifts but it’s not only limited to extreme situations like the lifts crashing to earth but also extends to door safety and several other facilities which must be considered before installing lifting systems.

In addition to lift systems there are other alternatives such as escalators which can be considered depending on the distance which requires to be covered. For building with just one of two floors the installation of escalators are preferred, thus making it important to also check the location a lift is being installed. Only after every aspect of lift safety has been well checked should the lifts be selected and only the very best lift brands should be installed.

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