How to Maintain Herringbone Flooring? Know these details

Hard wood floors are beautiful and if they are exotic like herringbone flooring then there are many reasons to maintain them as this variety of herringbone flooring is very expensive, and even more priceless if it is old. You can protect them and pass it on to generations if have follow the steps which are discussed in following paragraphs, so continue reading.

herringbone flooring

Things you will need-

  • Mop for proper cleaning
  • A neutral pH cleaner
  • Pest control spray

Step 1

Place rugs and apply floor guards

One can prevent certain damages to the floor and also reduce the repair cost if they are little more careful. The wear and tear of this herringbone flooring begins with scratches created by furniture or by our shoes. The best that you can do is add floor guard to all your furniture, so next time your child pushes a table on your expensive floor it will not get scratched. Also you can place rugs in areas, which have maximum traffic, like the corridor, or the porch area.

Step 2

Remove shoes

You might feel that it is impolite to ask your guest to remove their shoes at the entrance. But according to ancient cultures, it prevents outside impurities and negativity from entering your house. So if you maintain a shoe rack at the entrance of your house and leave your shoes there then it will not only help you to keep your house clean but also scratch free, as maximum scratch is formed by shoes. However, in the long run you will notice that avoiding shoes on herringbone flooring is indeed one of the best ways to keep it intact on the long run. You can also apply some rugs or keep your pets off that are because damage from nails too hampers good maintenance.

Step 3

Correct Cleaning

The other preventive measures that you can use is operative measures that you can apply is by exercising a cleaning routine. Keep your authentic hard wood dirt free by broom and vacuuming regularly. Mop your floors with a neutral pH cleaner. Highly alkaline or acidic cleaners can cause serious damage to the floor. Wet floors can also damage your hardwood so don’t keep herringbone flooring wet for very long. It is best to use a dry mop or cloth for keeping the area free from moistness. Those living in humid zones in particular should ensure that they leave windows open to allow natural sunlight to dry the area.

Step 4

Decay with time

With time these floors decompose as termites and borers can attack them, so it is important that we keep them clean and get regular pest control done. There a simple test to check the extent of damage on your hardwood. If you pour some water on your floor and that area becomes dark then it clearly shows signs of damage. You might need to hire a professional to do the damage control. Most of the natural surfaces of herringbone flooring have polyurethane or wax finish and so sometimes repairing can be simple. You can use a steel wool pad to clean a particular area and reapply the stains and wax polish.

Tips and suggestions

Brazilian herringbone flooring is extremely durable, and value for money. It has low maintenance cost, the only trick to increase the life span of your wood floors is regular cleaning and maintenance will surely keep termite and rodents at bay. You should ensure that timely pest control is also done along with the above-mentioned steps. This will ensure that your floors remain intact for many years to come!

Hope you get all above mentioned tips and steps about Flooring. For more information let’s go to the details.


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