Make your walls comfort look with better Texture Coating Concept

There are a number of aspects that make a house look elegant and beautiful. You might have the best interiors, but what if your walls ruin the entire look? Many people face the problems of ugly walls or average looking walls. Well, if you too are facing a similar situation, do not worry as there is a solution available. The concept of texture coating is fast spreading. You can make your walls look great with the help of this. So what is texture coating?

Texture coating

The concept of textured wall coating involves paint as the name will suggest. This paint is specially designed for concrete walls. In other words, the paint is known as mortar paint or even concrete paint. These are water based paints. Moreover, they do not include toxic as some of the oil based acrylic paints do.

Coating paints are used widely. These paints protect your walls. For instance – the wall of your house may undergo a lot of damage due to the direct sunrays hitting it throughout the day. As the sunrays hit the wall over a long period of time, there are cracks that develop and are very much evident even to naked eye. Not only this spoils the overall look of your house, but it can cause further damage to your home, especially during the rainy season. Cracked walls will surely not give your guests a good impression about you as well. Also, coated walls make your house look great. They add a whole new dimension to the overall look.

Texture coating includes a lot of variety. Hence, there is a lot to pick from. If you have a creative eye, you can actually end up making your house look fantastic using this concept. For instance – there is a newly devised texture coating that looks like wallpaper once it dries. Hence, if you want to give a more rustic look to your house, you can surely try this option.

Water based paints are very safe to use. They will not harm your wall in any way. Also, they are very easy to use. In fact, you and your family member and go ahead and paint the walls yourselves. Not only will this save money, but it can turn into a fantastic weekend activity as well. According to experts, textured paint is excellent for the walls as it protects them from elements such as rain. Even though textured paints are water-based, they are fantastic as far as protection from rain is concerned. These paints are made with the help of additives that will guarantee protection from rain and other hazardous elements as well. These paints are highly resistant to fungal growth and algae. This is one of the reasons why you will invariably see textured paints used for basements walls. These walls are highly prone to black fungus.

Texture coating involves paint that is thick in nature. Hence, no matter how thick the crack on your wall maybe, you can easily cover it with the help of this concept. Thus, you need not start running for cover if you happen to damage a wall next time. All you need to do is use the concept of texture coating and your wall will end up looking as good as new.

Also, there is a wide variety available as far as the colors are concerned. Hence, you can easily choose a shade which matches the overall look of your house. Ideally, lighter shades are recommended, especially for outside walls as they do not absorb the sunrays and help in keeping the house cool.

The above information on Texture Coating Concept. You can find more details by visiting this link.


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