Aluminium or Wood Outdoor Pergolas? Make an Informed Choice

Pergolas are unique architectural units and apart from offering shade they can also be the center of attraction in the available outdoor space. The pergolas can be made by applying and mixing various elements. But the outdoor pergola that is made up of Aluminium or wood is the most common and in trend these days.

If you observe and analyze closely the value of both kinds of pergola then you will find that they vary distinctively. Here, we will discuss their appearance, maintenance requirement, cost and installation in an elaborate manner.

Outdoor Pergolas

The Appearance:

If you wish to install an outdoor pergola with a natural style and look then you should go for a pergola made of wood. There are a wide range of varieties available in wood including maple, pine, cedar and mahogany. If you wish then you can coat them with paint of a special color according to your own preference. On the other hand, if you wish to install a pergola made of Aluminium in the backyard, then go for the one with a metallic finish. The best thing about the Aluminium pergolas is that if you wish to create a scenario of nature in the backyard then you can even ask your manufacturer to give your Aluminium a faux look of wood.

The Designing Options:

When you order for an outdoor pergola made of Aluminium then you will normally get a prefabricated kit. It would be hard for you to apply some of the custom elements to the same. You will have limited choices when it comes to the basic design, size and shape. There are more chances for you to apply your creative approach with wood. This is basically due to the fact that you can buy and cut the timber as per your requirement in any sort of design or size.


If your priority is to go for wooden pergolas then you must note that the maintenance cost will be steep in contrast to the Aluminium models. As the wood is far more prone to external agents like humidity, showers and heat, so it is quite common for them to decompose with time. Here, the application of the pre-treated wood can be a smart choice. But you need to be cautious while purchasing this kind of wood. Some of the kinds of pressure treated woods can crack due to the constant changes in the temperature and bad weather. The pergolas made up of cedar wood are more resistant to the weather changes in comparison to the other varieties of wood.

When it comes to maintenance, the Aluminium pergolas always have the edge over wooden ones as they offer less cost of maintenance. During the finishing of the Aluminium pergolas, they are coated with the weather resistant paints. Some of the manufacturers with quality Aluminium prefabricated kit tend to offer lifetime guarantee against the rusting of the Aluminium surface.

The cost of installation:

Aluminium outdoor pergolas are quite trouble free when it comes to the assembling of the parts. The groove and tongue stakes, the enclosed diagrams as well as the preassembled parts makes the task swift. The material cost will be a bit high but the cost of the labor will be low.

The customized wooden pergolas can be made by hiring the professionals but it will always come up with a premium cost. The material meant for the construction of the pergola will be cost effective but the high cost of labor will neutralize the effect.

Other Important Factors:

The impact of direct sunlight will always generate heat in the surrounding areas and the inside of Aluminium pergolas. The wooden outdoor pergolas are far more heat resistant and stay cooler despite hot weather. If we talk about the strength then the wooden pergolas always stay ahead of the Aluminium ones.

This blog is intended to provide information about outdoor pergolas. Visit here, if you are looking for more details.


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