How to determine when you would need a new Copier Lease Machine?

Are you looking to get a new copier lease machine? If yes, you are possibly in one of the following situations:

Copier Lease

  1. You are staring at a new business: If you are going to begin with a new business or a new division in your existing business then you will surely need a machine for scanning, copying, faxing, and printing.
  2. You are increasing your business: If your business is picking up then you would need to scan more copies, send more faxes, print higher volumes, etc. For this reason, you would need to have a better and more efficient machine and therefore, you would require a copier lease machine.
  3. You are shifting your business: At the time of shifting, it is better to purchase new things instead of working with the old ones that have lesser efficiency. This rule applies to the copier lease machine as well. Usually, the supplier is supposed to be shifting the machine for you, maybe for free. If that provision is not there, then you should not try doing it on your own. It is better to take the help of professional movers who have a proper knowledge of shifting the things in an effective way.
  4. You are about to end your copier lease: This is the time when you are required to improve your copier lease. If the agreement is on the verge of completion, you can consider requesting for a pre-quote. This is considered as an excellent idea as it takes only 60 seconds to fill out the form and in this way you can save about 30% of the charge of the copier. It is a very quick process, in which you do not have to waste a lot of your time and hence you should go for it.
  5. You may be facing consistency issues with the copier: In most of the cases copiers would either make copies or break them! If you are not able to improve the quality of your machine then you may also have to face other issues like those affecting the spirit and morale of your staff. This will negatively influence production. So, the best alternative is to get the best copier for the next time.
  6. You require a latest Feature (Faxing, Scanning, Color, etc.): As technology moves forward, so must be the flow of your work. There are many people who never consider the aspect of wastage in the toner. It is undoubtedly a huge wastage of money. Most of the small companies have just a fax, a copier and a laser jet printer along with some desktop inkjets, which can save a huge amount of money including the copier lease lifetime.

The solution to this problem is to redirect the paper flow in the following three ways:

  • It is important to shift the printing tasks from the faxes, inkjet, and laser jet printers with a networked copier. This will help you to reduce the cost per print by 3 to 10 cents each. It means less wastage and better output.
  • You should initiate the routing process so that you can easily email the incoming faxes, instead of printing them.
  • You can also try outbound desktop faxing. This is possible from your screen itself. The best thing with this software is that it comes free of cost with every copier. Taking the help of the latest version will help you in a much better way to solve this issue. Overall, your goal should be to optimize your results and save costs.

Hope you get all above mention information about need a new Copier Lease Machine. Visit this link, you will get more details.


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