Find your Correct information on Litho Laminated Boxes

Litho laminated boxes enhance the aesthetic value of the boxes and often promote a brand if it is imprinted on it. They come in vibrant shades and graphics with pictorial or textual messages. These boxes are mainly used for consumer packaging either to promote a brand or to advertise the product. They always look attractive and appealing with its graphic designs and bright hues irrespective of whether it has a matte or a glossy finish. This custom made corrugated package makes it the ideal material for direct printing. These boxes are imprinted with high quality of the graphics with a sharp resolution and bright hues. These boxes are widely used in the packaging and shipment industry.

Litho Laminated Boxes

What is litho lamination and how it is used on corrugated cardboards?

Lithography is a kind of printing, which is done using plates. Litho lamination is the process of blending litho graphics printed on the top sheet of a cardboard or paper of heavier weight, preferably corrugated board. The plates used in this type of printing are termed as positive and negative plates. The positive plate is smooth and receptive to oil, which repels water while the negative plate is rough textured and receptive to water which in turns repel oils. Rubber rollers are used to squeeze out water and take the ink from the plates. The rollers apply this ink on the printing paper which is laminated on corrugated cardboards.

Advantages of using litho laminated packaging boxes

  • Categorizes the product

This premier form of packaging process alienates one product from another to create a brand image through the use of graphics, textual messages and catchy lines so that you can identify the product when you see it in the supermarket.

  • Competitive advantage

This type of packaging helps in gaining a competitive advantage. When a brand creates an impressive litho laminated packaging, its rival brand will try to outsmart it.

  • Better response to visual effects

Research shows that people tend to respond to visual effects rather than simple texts. Litho laminated packages are wrought with colorful and creative graphics along with a punch line or tag line for the brand which appeals to the customers.

  • Variety

Many varieties of litho laminated packages are available. You can get them in UV or glossy coatings, in the form of film or foil lamination; in vibrant, bold and metallic hues or spot varnishes which help in grabbing eyeballs.

  • Branding

It is one type of high quality branding.

  • Packaging of the products

These packages are suitable for both heavy weight and light weight products.

  • Cost optimization

It is cost effective irrespective of the volume.

  • Advertising

It presents both advertising and packaging solutions.

  • Recyclable

These packaging materials are environment-friendly as these are recyclable. The used corrugated containers are recycled into tissues, paperboards, etc.

Tips to choose the perfect litho laminated packaging for your brand

Your litho laminated packaging will not only ensure the safety of your goods during shipment, but it will also advertise and promote your brand. Thus, you should carefully assess the advantages and the features which will help in creating your brand image.

  • Choose vibrant colors which can attract the attention of the people. The graphics should be unique so that it can distinguish your brand from another similar brand.
  • Use a catchy tagline along with the graphics instead of lengthy texts. In this fast-paced world nobody will bother to read lengthy texts while a catchy tag line would seem more appealing and alluring.
  • Use your brand logo in the package. If you have a good brand reputation in the market for a product, then it will help in the promotion of your other products too. People will show their brand loyalty for your other products as well.
  • Before you order for your litho laminated packaging, make sure that the vendor provides you environment-friendly materials which can be recycled.
  • Do not judge the quality of your packaging material on the basis of the polish of the cover; make sure that the boxes are durable. Do not ignore the packaging part while to try to focus on creating the brand image.

To conclude

Litho laminated boxes are important both for brand promotion and packaging of the material.

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