Different types of Learning Difficulties and How to treat them

Science has been playing a pivotal role in the medical sectors over the period of years. As psychology is one of the important branches of the medical science, child psychology deserves special mention on the basis of its improvement in the last few decades. Children are often faced with various kinds of mental problems that prevent them from learning coherently and all these problems comprise the learning difficulties. It has been observed that, children are very likely to have the difficulties in early childhood though most of the times these are diagnosed later while they continue their study in school and it are through their interruption in study and other that the problems come alive and tickle them.

Learning Difficulties

Different kinds of learning difficulties:

On the basis of the types there are usually three kinds of learning difficulties and these are

  • Dysgraphia- This problem prevents children from learning proper writing pattern. This is a problem for which children get affected as they cannot comprehend the spelling and cannot identify the alphabets those are similar in nature. As far as the dysgraphia is concerned, it should be detected and treated fast so that a child does not have any kinds of problem related to the writing.
  • Dysphasia- This problem is regarding facing the difficulty during language and communication Word pronunciation, learning to speak new words, learning to structure a sentence all fall in this category. Speaking at a stretch with good command and flexibility is what this problem hampers.

  • Dyscalculia- This type of problem arises during learning the mathematic calculations. Children cannot learn proper computation due to these problems. Addition, summation, subtraction and multiplication all kinds of forms that deal with numbers seem as very difficult ones for children who suffer from this problem.
  • Dyspraxia- This problem brings difficulty for learning the task like tying knot to tie, buttoning and hooking the dress, tying the shoe lace children with learning disability often face this dyspraxia. Children with this problem find it difficult to co ordinate their hands and mind at the same time.

When it comes for the solution there are various ways that can be proven effective but the first and foremost step is the proper diagnosis of the problem. If all the above mentioned problems are detected in an early stage, then treatment can be provided conducive to fast and speedy recovery. All it needs is proper and efficient practitioners who have sound knowledge in this field to provide adequate treatment.

As every child is different from each other, therefore, problem and symptoms may also vary from child to child. So children suffering from the learning difficulties need special care and attention. If the children are given proper training as par their need then they can overcome the problem accordingly. Children suffering from the difficulties should be undergone various kinds of treatment procedures such as speech therapy, special education course through which children can learn new ways to comprehend the education which were otherwise very much difficult.

The child psychologists and psychiatrists are always trying to come up with new solutions that can cure the child and help them overcome the problem in the course of nature. However, it is an inevitable truth that not any particular kind of treatment works for every child so it depends on the intensity of the problem. There are various kinds of psychologists who are capable of providing solution to such children having learning difficulties and these are

  • Speech therapist
  • Psychometrics
  • Child psychiatrists
  • Neuropsychologist

However, it is important for the parents to have patience during the treatments because these treatments are usually time taking affair but are successfully proven to be effective enough to cure the children completely.

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